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Tattoo & Ink Model - Charity Laurus(Rhian Harrington)

I am a 22 year old Brit living in Hancock Michigan (middle of no where).
I am always traveling between the US and UK and looking for fun new people to meet.
My loves are my husband, puppies and tattoos!!!

As yet, i don't have all that much experience but am always eager to learn, try new things and like to think i'm easy to work with and easy-going.

As far as my style goes; i'd say i am cutesy-glam. I usually wear hair extensions, fake tan and glam make up but i'd definitely like to try more natural shots, taking it to the glam extreme and everything in between.

I have done nude modeling for GodsGirls.com and have no real reservations as far as nude modeling goes... just so long as it's cute-sexy =D

I've also done some other random work for friends and modeling merchandise from various bands and clothing companies.

I'd really like to get into some other modeling and generally meet new fun people and try some different kinds of shots out and see what i can do!

That's it for now guys!

Oh, and i like long walks on the beach ;)



My Myspace!




 Atenção conteudo adulto/Warning adult content

Charity Laurus from Julian Murray on Vimeo.

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