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The Gypsy Gentleman: Episode 07 – Japan Pt. I (Video)

Marcus Kuhn presents the seventh edition of The Gypsy Gentleman. Featuring interviews with Shige and Horiyoshi III.

Perfil - Alice Carrier

Tattoo Inspiration: Alice Carrier
Alice Carrier is a tattooer based in Portland, OR.

Paintings by Michael Foulkrod

Michael Foulkrod is an artist based in Los Angeles.

Tattoo: Flash Art of Amund Dietzel

“Tattoo: Flash Art of Amund Dietzel” is showing at the Milwaukee Art Museum until October 13, 2013.
The young Scandinavian took up tattooing during his time on a merchant ship in the early 1900s, at the tender age of 14. By the end of his time on the high seas Diezel had acquired tattoos of his own from neck to foot, earning the nickname of the “tattooed man.” But after his ship suffered damage near Quebec, the artist took to land, showing off his painted body at carnivals and sideshows, until deciding to set up a small shop in Wisconsin’s largest city. Dietzel was a tattoo pioneer when he opened up his first parlor in 1913, and was quickly dubbed the “Master of Milwaukee.”

Tattoo Inspiration: Esther de Miguel

Esther de Miguel is a tattooer based in Berlin, Germany.

Bizarre - September 2013

Bizarre - September 2013 
English | HQ PDF | 124 pages | 50 MB 


Pacific Ink & Art Expo Oahu Hawaii 2013

August 2, 3, & 4th 2013
at the Blaisdell Center

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Inked Girls - September/October 2013

Inked Girls - September/October 2013
English | 124 pages | True PDF | 22.1 Mb

Rebelicious - Issue 13 - June/July 2013

English | PDF | Pages 64 | 15 Mb

June/July issue of Rebelicious: For Girly Girls In A Brutal World. Featuring Cassia Sparkle, Megan Massacre, The Folly Mixtures, Candy Geisha, Boom! Boom! Baby!, Chantal Claret, Lady Marlene and lots more.


Gore Noir Magazine - Issue 3, 2013

English | 60 pages | True PDF | 34 Mb

This issue includes: A poster of the lovely Candy Radiant Inc Vamp Girls Obscuri Wendy's Spooky Crafts Miss Rockwell DeVil Kobaru Sunday Bloody Sunday Twisted Pix Abernathy Designs Brent Engstrom Lana Ansay Jason Wright Collette Von Tora Kris Sanders Sara Fabel Chad Chase Escape the Fate/Ellie Love Zombie...

Gore Noir is a horror culture magazine that features artists, photographers, models, musicians, celebrities, and tattoos all with a horror theme.



Tattoo Collection №46 2011

English | 52 pages | HQ PDF | 20.4 Mb

Katalog Makeup #7, 2013

Polish | Pages 66 | PDF | 6.1 Mb


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Gore Noir Magazine - Issue 2, 2013

English | 60 pages | True PDF | 36.3 Mb

This issue includes: Diamond dolls, Jess, The Mercy, Freak Alternative, Stellar Corpses, Zombie Mafia, Hex Photography, Dellamorte & Co, etc. Ranging from art to tattoos Gore Noir will be covering all the horror culture that is overlooked by the other magazines.

Gore Noir is a horror culture magazine that features artists, photographers, models, musicians, celebrities, and tattoos all with a horror theme.



Gladstone Magazine - July 2013

Gladstone Magazine - July 2013
English | HQ PDF | 48 pages | 14 MB


Bizarre - April 2012 (UK)

Bizarre - April 2012 (UK)
English | HQ PDF | 132 pages | 108 Mb

Bizarre - the world’s biggest alternative culture publication, which every month features the most thought-provoking stories and photos on the planet. Magazine cover the worlds of alternative models, fetish, erotic, fashion, extreme body modification, tattoos, lowbrow artists, self-made freaks and left-field entertainers. Plus, our reviews rate the weirdest films, music, games and books around.


Skin Shots - August/September 2013

Skin Shots - August/September 2013 (HQ PDF)English | 212 pages | HQ PDF | 159.00 Mb

Skin Shots International is a sister title to Skin Deep, which is meant as a reference magazine featuring top quality tattoo work from around the globe. Also included is a Directory of many UK and International tattoo studios to help you hunt down your next masterpiece. Being a ‘Pictorial’ magazine, Skin Shots breaks down the language barriers.




Tätowier Magazin - August 2013

Tatowier Magazin - August 2013
German | PDF | 164 pages | 32 MB



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Tattoo do Dia - Tattoo of the Day

Tattoo Ink Girl

Tatuagens - Tattoos

Post com o objetivo de tirar as dúvidas do leitor em relação as cores; desenhos, local da tattoo e etc...
Post in order to draw the reader's doubts about the colors, designs, local tattoo and etc ...

Musoca do Dia - Böhse Onkelz - Kirche

Desenho - Drawing

Tattoo Energy UK - Issue 84 2013

English | 100 pages | HQ PDF | 77.00 Mb




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