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1º Angra Tattoo Fest 2015
Camisa 10 Propaganda e Marketing
Av. Epitácio Pessoa, 1674 – Lagoa
Rio de Janeiro – RJ 22411-072

SuicideGirls - Tora Suicide - Simply Sexy

36 Fotos - 52,2 Mb

Portfolio Peek - Vero

St. Petersburg Tattoo Festival 2015
The 13th Tattoo Festival will be held on the 12th, 13th and 14th of June 2015 in Saint-Petersburg. 

Saint-Petersburg Tattoo Festival is a three day event devoted to the tattoo art, body modification and body art. During these days tattoo lovers will enjoy and evaluate the creation of true under skin art masterpieces. Participants will have a chance to discover and try in practice the cutting-edge technologies in body decoration and meet the most extraordinary people from all over the world, who have dedicated themselves to the most intimate kind of Fine Art artistic Tattoo. In addition, festival guests will get an opportunity to observe the entire process of tattoo creation, ask questions and consult professionals. 

Saint-Petersburg Festival program will be overflowed with diverse shows: extreme piercing show, fire-show, freak-show,  striptease show, art installations and performances, every day concerts of rock and hip hop bands. In the exhibition more than 60 tattoo-studios will represent their achievements in tattoo industry. The best of them will fight for the prizes in 20 nominations.  

A2 Club
St. Petersburg, Medikov ave, 3
Petrogradskaya metro station

Perfil - Chad Chase

Chad has been practicing the fine art of tattooing and piercing since 1996.
Opening his first studio in 1996 - Forever Ink,  located in Sanford, Maine was a true learning experience.  With some outside help from business and tattoo minds alike the shop was soon a success.
Our latest business; Venom Ink Tattoo started November 2004 in Dover, New Hampshire.  After quickly developing a strong clientele the shop moved to it's new location in Sanford, Maine. The shop is thriving, busy...busy...busy!  With two great daughters and the perfect woman, staying grounded is not a problem.  Venom Ink gains new clientele daily and strives to make each and everyone of them proud to wear our work. Chad specializes in realism, but isn't limited to that by any means. Look at his portfolio and you'll see eveyrthing from bio-organic pieces to portraiture to asian  inspired. Anything is possible. No limitations!

Tattoo Topic - Short Apprenticeship

SullenTV Presents a Brand NEW "Tattoo Topic - Apprenticeship of 6 months?" Check out what some of the top tattoo artists in the industry had to say!

Italy Conventions 12/14 June 2015

International Salento Tattoo Ink
Musica, Spettacoli, Cultura, Sport e Tattoo… Sono questi gli ‘ingredienti’ dell’”International Salento Tattoo Ink” che si svolgerà a Brindisi dal 12 al 14 giugno 2015. Dopo l’importante esperienza maturata nell’organizzazione della prima edizione del “Lecce Tattoo Fest”, svoltasi a Lecce il 7 e l’8 giugno 2014, dove migliaia di persone hanno partecipato attivamente all’evento proposto, parte dell’organizzazione ha deciso di realizzare il primo contest internazionale di tatuatori nella città Adriatica, ovvero in una location che abbraccia le tre province salentine ( Brindisi, Lecce e Taranto ).
Il tutto, ampliando l’evento grazie all’inserimento di numerosi e coinvolgenti eventi collaterali che faranno da cornice all’”International Salento Tattoo Ink”. Tra questi, sono previste attività musicali (concerti live), attività sportive (fitness, gare di atletica, gara di go-kart, test drive, ecc..), oltre ad una serie di eventi a carattere prettamente culturale, tra cui mostre d’arte e presentazione di libri di prestigiosi autori. Tutto ciò senza nulla togliere a quello che è il vero fulcro e spirito della manifestazione principale, ovvero l’apporto del mondo dei tatuatori che, anche in questa occasione – così come avvenuto a Lecce – vanterà nomi di altissimo profilo nel contesto internazionale del tatuaggio come Eddy Perminovas, artista lituano famoso a livello internazionale per i lavori che esegue sulle star di Holywood, Riccardo Bottino, artista italiano conosciutissimo in termini internazionali e Roberto Lauro, uno dei giovani più promettenti nel panorama nazionale. Grande risalto verrà dato agli artisti locali che avranno un area dedicata per esprimere la propria arte, nome illustre è quello di Andrea Sergio, in arte Mr. Wany che delizierà il pubblico presente con una realizzazione di una tela.

Ma il vero evento ”clou” della manifestazione sarà il ‘contest’ e, cioè, una vera e propria gara suddivisa in categorie, a seguito della quale saranno premiati i migliori tatuaggi effettuati durante la tre giorni di manifestazione.

Brindisi – Centro Comm.le Le Colonne
Strada Statale 7, Brindisi, BR 72100

 La Spezia Tattoo Show
Thanks to the great response and success of the 2013 edition and following the great consensus among the experts, the 5th edition of the Tattoo Show confirms the location of La Spezia Expo. On 12-13-14 June 2015 that first-class location will host this event dedicated to the professional tatto artists and to the tattoo suppliers 150 most famous tattoo artists working on your skin, tattoo suppliers, technical conferences on the tattoo world, live music and shows …

Spezia Expo’
Via del Canaletto 120
19126 La Spezia

Lowrider – August 2015

Lowrider – August 2015
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 60,5 MB


Tattoo Bloopers - SullenTV Uncut | Australia

SullenTV Uncut Uncensored Bloopers with world class artists in Austrailia. Bernadette Macias hosts and we show you what you DIDNT see in the convention coverage.

USA Conventions 12/14 June 2015

18th Annual Tattoo Convention

Our 17th Annual Tattoo Convention was a huge success: Join this year for an even bigger show. Held in NYC since 1998. We bring together the world best artists from arround the world. New York City has always been important to the the history of tattoos. Samuel Reily revolutionized tattoo by inventing and patenting the first electric tattoo machine in New York. This is our 18th year and we are proud to be a part of such rich artistic history. Come join us at our new location. The Metropolitan Pavillion.
  • 17 Consecutive Years Strong.
  • Entertained over 50,000 Guests
  • Hosted over 3,000 Vendors
  • We were the first to host a tattoo convention in New York City
We feature some of the top artists from around the world. We support over 100 vendors and over 1,500 guests each year. Since the closing of the Roseland Ballroom. We have found a new home at the Metropolitan Pavillion. Come be apart of Tattoo history.

Guest tickets can be purchased in advanced


Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W 18th St
New York, NY 10011
Unites States

 C2-Counter Culture Expo

We are hosting this years annual C2-Counter Culture Expo in COBO HALL, Detroit June 2015. The C2 Expo paired with regional magazine and newspaper, will encompass all counter cultures, this includes but not limited to, Extreme sports, Medical Marijuana, Tattooing/Piercing, Punk/EDM musics, comics, cosplay. and performing arts. The C2 Expo will have roughly 400 vendor spaces and a range of entertainers. More information can be found on our website

R.A.W.S (Ravers Against World Starvation)
Show some Peace. Love. Unity. Respect Detroit! .
We have all been or will be down on our luck in one way or another. Sometimes it could be in the form of needing a place to rest for the night, a bite to eat, a ride somewhere or all of the above.Think of the others that don’t and won’t have the luxury of a warm home and a hot meal.
How can we make a difference by partying you ask?
Where better to make a difference!!! It’s simple my friend, at participating party locations we will be collecting canned and NON-perishable food items for our local families in need. With you donating to this cause u will receive 2 free glow bracelets! You can’t go wrong!

Cobo Center
1 Washington Blvd
Detroit, MI 48226
United States

 208 Tattoo Fest
208 Tattoo Fest is a community event celebrating the progression of tattoos, art and entertainment in Idaho. This juggernaut of an event features live tattoos with talented tattoo artists from across the nation, live tattoo contests and seminars, a history of tattoos display with a whole weekend of art and entertainment.
Though all contests and activities are to be tasteful we recommend parental discretion on Friday & Saturday with all family friendly contests & events featured on Sunday.

Expo Idaho
5610 N Glenwood St,
Boise, ID 83714,
United States

 Alamo City TattooExpo
 We are pleased to announce the 11th Annual Alamo City Tattoo Show!
Held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Antonio, TX on June 12, 13 & 14th, 2015.
The Alamo City Tattoo Show is an invitation only event,
put on BY a Tattooer, FOR Tattooers!
Stay tuned!
We will be updating our site with new information frequently!

Grand Hyatt Hotel
600 E Market St.
San Antonio, TX 78205
United States

 Ink-N-Iron - Long Beach
People are here for the love of Hot Rods-Kustoms, Live music, burlesque, art shows, 50’s fashion, and of course the tattoo show covering three floors inside the ship. 280 of the best tattoo artists in the world will be on hand from 30 States and 25 Countries representing all the tattoo styles; where a car show and music become an integral part of the event, mingling with the artistic expressions of the artists at work. Pinups clad in corsets, Classic Cats with Pompadours, Mohawks, fashion Mullets, full sleeves and back pieces. Not only is the breathtaking view of the gigantic Queen Mary, the beautiful water, and the amazing Long Beach skyline quite a task to take in all at once, but all the fashion statements and lavishly adorned people are quite a spectacle as well. This convention will be both a sort of art gallery and community festival. Ten years ago the ship was overtaken by the underground subculture of all things Kustom and modified. From tattooing to pin striping and tantalizing show goers with tight corsets the 13th Annual Ink-N-Iron Festival is laced up and racing for port!

The Queen Mary
1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA 90802
United States

Tattoo & Ink Model - Catrina Dacosta

My name is Catrina DaCostaus(Suicide Girl) 28 years old born in Burbank, California,  I've currently been modeling for around 4 years and am looking to work with new people and try new things. I am also willing to do nude modeling.

Yelawolf at Musink 2015

SullenTV presents Yelawolf at Musink. Rick Thorne interviews Yelawolf and talks about California being a mecca of Art and Culture. SullenTV captured some performances including Push Em feat Travis Barker and his hit Till Its Gone, which was featured on Sons of Anarchy. Yelawolf also got a tattoo from LEgendary Mike Devries. We were there to cover everything and bring it to you.

Valencia Tattoo Convention 2015
El “15 Aniversario de la Convención Internacional de Tatuaje de Valencia” se celebrará el 12-13-14 Junio 2015
Cumplimos 15 años!!!… Los próximos días 12, 13 y 14 de Junio Valencia vuelve a vestirse de color en esta nueva Tattoo Convention.

El término “tatuaje” (tattoo en inglés, pronunciado tatú) tiene un origen polinesio. Más concretamente en la palabra polinesia “ta“que significa golpear o en la expresión “tau-tau” utilizada para hablar del choque entre dos huesos.

Cientos de artistas, venidos desde tres continentes y mas de 15 países, desde Estados Unidos a Polonia, desde Argentina a Irlanda, se darán cita en esta grandiosa fiesta de cumpleaños, donde celebraremos la 15 VALENCIA TATTOO CONVENTION, con numerosos espectáculos que cubrirán vuestras mas fantasiosas expectativas de tinta y color…

La prueba de que el tatuaje ha convivido desde siempre con el hombre se encontró en 1991 en un glaciar situado en la frontera entre Austria e Italia. Allí apareció congelado un cazador neolítico de hacía 5300 años, con la espalda y rodillas tatuadas.

El maravilloso Expo Hotel, que ya conocemos de anteriores ediciones será el marco donde se desarrollara esta Convención. Miles de visitantes esperan disfrutar de tres días inolvidables junto a mas de cien artistas que no dejaran de hacer sonar sus maquinas a partir del viernes día 12…
El tatuaje fue reintroducido en la sociedad occidental por los expedicionarios ingleses dirigidos por el Capitán Cook en el S.XVIII. Esto explica la natural asociación que ha prevalecido hasta nuestros días entre los tatuajes y los marineros. Cook describió en sus libros el proceso antiguo del tatuaje al entrar en contacto con indígenas de las Islas Marquesas y con los maoríes: “Manchan sus cuerpos pinchando la piel con los instrumentos pequeños hechos de hueso”

Ve preparando la excusa, a tu mujer, a tu marido, a tu novio, a tu novia, a tu madre, a tu hermano, a tu hermana, a ese amigo o amiga que quieres tanto que estarías dispuesto a prescindir de él tres fantásticos días, y ven a disfrutar del arte en la piel, ven a disfrutar de increíbles espectáculos, ven a respirar el ambiente, el olor a tinta, deja que el ruido de las maquinas vaya dibujando sueños en tu piel para que siempre permanezcan en ti, ven a celebrar nuestro cumpleaños, ven a la… 15

Recuerda – El 12-13-14 de Junio del 2015 la tinta no cesará de correr en Valencia.
Infórmate de todas las novedades a través de la Página Web de la Convención

Expo Hotel Valencia
Avenida Pío XII, 4,
46009 Valencia,

Tatuagens - Tattoos

Post com o objetivo de tirar as dúvidas do leitor em relação as cores; desenhos, local da tattoo e etc... Post in order to draw the reader's doubts about the colors, designs, local tattoo and etc ...

Азбука Тату / Azbuka Tattoo - 2 выпуск

quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2015

Skin Deep Tattoo - July 2015

 Skin Deep Tattoo - July 2015
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 26.00 Mb


SuicideGirls - Melissa - Dark Green Sofa

33 Fotos - 48,5 Mb

Inked – June/July 2015

Inked – June/July 2015
English | 100 Pages | True PDF | 12 Mb


UK Conventions 6/7 June 2015

Leeds International Tattoo Exposition
 Leeds International Tattoo Exposition (LITE) will be taking place on the the weekend of the 6th/7th of June2015 at The New Dock Hall (part of the world famous Royal Armouries). We have whole host of international/home grown tattoo artists alongside a huge alternative market, live music, performance, artists, illustrators, local business and plenty of other entertainment all nestled within 5 minutes walk of the city centre !! !

New Dock Hall – Royal Armouries Museum
Armouries Dr
Leeds LS10 1LT
United Kingdom

 Northampton International Tattoo Convention

Tickets are now on Sale and available at:
Suns and Roses Tattoo Studio
108 St James Road
You can purchase tickets by either visiting the studio or purchasing over the telephone by contacting Nigel or Sue on: 01604 949958.
Over the telephone we accept payments via debit or credit card and can send tickets to your current address.
Ticket Prices are:
Saturday Pre Booked – £10 per person
Sunday Pre Booked – £10 per person
Weekend Pre Booked – £15 per person
Saturday on the door – £15 per person
Sunday on the door – £15 per person

Saints Rugby Ground
Franklins Gardens, Weedon Rd,
Northampton NN5 5BG,
United Kingdom
Children under the age of 16 may gain free entry with a paying adult.

Inked – April-May 2015

Inked – April-May 2015
English | 100 Pages | True PDF | 14.1 Mb


France Conventions 6/7 June 2015

Tattoo Motor Show Festival Davezieux

Site de la Lombardiere
Proche Annonay 07
Davezieux, Ardeche


Stade de la Route de Lorient
111 Rue de Lorient,
35000 Rennes,

 Auxerre Tattoo Show

Espace Culturel
Route des Bries,
89380 Appoigny,

terça-feira, 26 de maio de 2015

Rebel Ink - Summer 2015

 Rebel Ink - Summer 2015
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 75 MB


Massilia Tattoo Fest 2015
– 2 festival’s days
– 5 spaces with a tattoo , shopping, show, food and vip halls
– More than 150 tattooists and 100 exponents
– Shows, concerts, street arts demonstration, fashion shows ..and other things!

Dock Des Suds
12 Rue Urbain V,
13002 Marseille,

Inked Girls – May/June 2015

Inked Girls – May/June 2015
English | 86 Pages | True PDF | 25MB


La Louvière Tattoo Convention 2015
Salle Omnisport de Bouvy
rue de Bouvy, 127
7100 La Louvière

Teen Spirit - Issue 2, 2015

Teen Spirit - Issue 2, 2015
English | True PDF | 72 pages | 37 MB


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Tattoo Convention Heiden 2015
Die 4. Tattoo Convention Heiden findet wieder zu Ehren Herbert Hoffmann – Europas ältester Tattoo-Artist statt.
Öffnungszeiten: Samstag 12 – 22h Sonntag 11 – 19h

Kursaal Heiden
Seeallee 3
9410 Heiden

Tattoo Tea Party Manchester 2015

Manchester's biggest and best tattoo show. Bringing together over 300 of the best tattoo artists together under one roof (Event City, Manchester) every year in the first weekend of March. Brought to you by Tattoo Sanctuary, H2 Events & Tattoo.TV

SuicideGirls - Gogo - Temptation

34 Fotos - 51,6 Mb

Paradise Tattoo Convention 2015
Paradise Tattoo Convention Costa Rica 2015 is a cultural event based around tattoo culture and body modification brought to you by Nueva Calavera JLO S.A. and New Skull Tattoo & Piercing.This event is held annually with the best of local and international artists.

The convention will be taking place in the heart of the city where we have a thriving tattoo scene and should be no problem for you to work throughout the convention. We are about 1.30 hours from the beach as well, so if you’re looking to venture in our amazing tropical country this could be a good opportunity to do so!

This is the 4 installment of this annual event and as we continue improving and growing we would like for you to be part of it as well. As in previous years we will be having different performances, live bands and contests going on throughout the show, including awards for best of the day, best color tattoo, best of the show, etc.

Centro de Eventos Pedregal
La Asunción,
Costa Rica

Lisa Daniels the Bloom Project

Lisa was recently featured in Tattoo Magazine issue 308 April 2015 documenting her tattoo collection as part of an ongoing Bloom Project feature from artist Michele Wortman.

Perfil - Resat Gul

While he was working in various jobs, Reşat wasn’t content with what he was doing. He was looking for ways to express himself as an artist. While he was working as a book salesman, he would watch people tattoo in the streets. He was impressed and he decided to delve deeper into the art. Reşat soon realized that this was a great way to express his emotions. Because he found his greatest inspiration on the streets he named his shop ‘’StreetBodyArt’’.