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Black Ink Crew S02E05 HDTV x264-CRiMSON

The Year of the Puma
Ceaser feels betrayed when he learns about Puma’s new tattoo shop. Elsewhere, Puma receives an award and breaks big news at a Harlem event.
MP4 | AAC VBR | 333MB

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100% Biker – Issue 174

100% Biker – Issue 174
English | 84 pages | True PDF | 19.00 Mb

Tattoo Sunday Brugge 2013

Studio Hall
Boogschutterslaan 41,
Sint-Kruis (Brugge),

Halloween Tattoo Bash 2013

Coal Exchange
Mount Stuart Square,The Exchange Buildings,
Cardiff,CF10 5EB, CF10 5FQ,
United Kingdom

Tattoo Timelapse - Rember Orellana

Sullen TV and Stencil Stuff present "Tattoo Timelapse with Rember Orellana" of Rebel Muse in Dallas Texas. We caught up with him at the Detroit Motor City Tattoo Expo 2013 and documented this amazing piece of work from start to finish

Caribbean Tattoo Convention 2013

This year Curaçao hosts the 3rd edition of the Caribbean Tattoo Convention. After a successful first edition, this time the organizers have gone all out. The concept has been improved, raising the bar and creating a high-end international event in an authentic Caribbean atmosphere. Get ready for a full two-day event at a stunning location, featuring local, Caribbean and international tattoo artists, art exhibitions and various other attractions. Artists from all over the world will be represented to demonstrate their art and skills. All weekend long attendees can get tattooed, experience the relaxed vibe and get a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of tattoos and tattoo art! This year’s festival will surely impress. Don’t miss out!

International School of Curacao
Koninginnelaan z/n Emmastad,
Netherlands Antilles

Rockstar Energy Miss Inked Up 2013 London

Tattoo & Ink presents The Rockstar Energy drink Inked Up tour from the London Tattoo Convention 2013. Check out the beautiful women of the UK and see who was crowned Miss Inked Up London. Meet Lady Lauren Brock, facebook.com/theladylauren,Miss Inked Up London!

Dublin Tattoo Convention 2013

Red Cow Moran Hotel Dublin‎
22 Naas Rd
Dublin 22, Co. Dublin,

Portfolio Peek with Halo

Tattoo Convention Kiel/Germany 2013

An der Halle 400 1
24143 Kiel,

Florence Tattoo Convention 2013

The 8th , 9th and 10th November 2013 the ancient Fortezza da Basso of Florence will host more than 300 world-renowned tattoo artists, shows and eclectic musicians who will enchant an audience of curious and urban fashions lovers in a three-day event out of the ordinary.

Daisuke Sakaguchi Exhibit at Into You Tattoo

On view at London's iconic tattoo studio and art gallery, Into You, are fantastic new works by Daisuke Sakaguchi, from canvas paintings to skateboards, and also collaboration pieces, such as jewelry with The Great Frog; artful sex toys with Illicit Touch; and a gorgeous vintage Yamaha motorcycle with Black Skulls. It's an incredibly diverse collection, but with all pieces imbued with Sakaguchi's evident passion for Irezumi, traditional Japanese tattooing, and Ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese woodblock prints. The show closes this Thursday, October 21st, so head to Into You, from 12pm - 7pm, and don't miss it.

1ªExpo Tattoo Saquarema 2013

Julia’s Pousada‎
Avenida Ministro Salgado Filho, 7310, Barra Nova
Saquarema – RJ, 28990-000,

Lisbon Tattoo & Rock Festival 2013

Bilhetes à venda no local do evento (LX Factory Alcantara/Lisboa) durante os dias do mesmo -  5€ por dia (Não permite entrada e saída).
Passe para os 3 dias – 10€ (Livre Trânsito).
A partir e 16 de Setembro, Bilhetes Especiais à venda na Triparte - Inclui Passe especial para os 3 dias+ Cartaz + T-Shirt coleccionável – 15€.

LX Factory
Rua Rodrigues de Faria, 103
1300 Lisboa

Atlantic City Tattoo Expo 2013

The Atlantic City Tattoo expo Aka Drawin’ the Wildcard is a 3 day celebration of art, ink and the canvas that adorns them. Hosted by the Tropicana Casino Resort on the infamous Atlantic City Boardwalk this seaside city makes for an exciting weekend of vice and excitement. The 2013 expo will features artist from the four corners of the earth all with the intentions of leaving their mark on the thousands of attendees visiting this unique festival. The AC Tattoo Expo will feature a variety of entertainment, activities and personalities that will educate excite and entertain. From adult film starlets to reality show personalities, tattoo contests, sideshows and burlesque this expo is built to keep your heart pumping.

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SuicideGirls - PhoenixStorm - On The Prowl

SuicideGirls - PhoenixStorm - On The Prowl
25 Fotos - 7.46Mb

Tattoo Wars S01E04

Desenho - Drawing

Post destinado a ajudar o leitor com a escolha de desenhos e a montagem da tatuagem / Post to assist the reader with the choice of tattoo designs and assembly

Under the Skin - Mike DeVries

Born and raised in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. I recieved my first tattoo when I was 16 years old. That event opened the window to a whole new world for me. I've always been into art, I've loved everything about it! I always had a fondness for the realism style and would explore tattoo magazines during my early years, amazed at the portraiture work done by some of the great black and grey artists.

Tatuagens - Tattoos

Post com o objetivo de tirar as dúvidas do leitor em relação as cores; desenhos, local da tattoo e etc... Post in order to draw the reader's doubts about the colors, designs, local tattoo and etc ...

Tattoo Timelapse - Roman Abrego

"Tattoo Timelapse with Roman Abrego" of Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa and Hollywood CA. He is tattooing an Indian on John Bayles of SullenTV, an addition to a sleeve they've been working on together. My name is Roman. I am currently living in a small town called Yucaipa California. I came from two big Mexican Families, The Abrego's and the Escamilla's. Ever since I was young I was interested in art. My maternal grandfather Art Escamilla was a painter. He would have all of his grandchildren paint at a very young age. I was really into art when I was young, but as I got older I started to get into trouble, eventually ending up in jail. I consider jail one of the major elements that got me back into art. I had a lot of free time to work on my artistic ability and that experience made me want to shape up my life and do something right.

Tattoo Ink Girl

Tattoo Gun or Tattoo Machine?

Bernadette sits down with various tattoo artists at the Hell City Tattoo Convention and asks them the hot question, What is the proper name, Tattoo Machine or Tattoo Gun?

Foto do Leitor - Reader Photo(Cedric - Paris(FRA))

Se voce leitor(a) do Tattoo & Ink quiser que sua foto ou tatuagem apareça no blog mande para o Email tattooeetc@gmail.com / If you reader (a) Ink Tattoo & want your photo to appear in the blog tattoo or send Email to tattooeetc@gmail.com

Tattooist Life - Carlos Peluko Cap.2

Peluko comenzó en el mundo del tatuaje hace más de 19 años. A pesar de no tener, en aquella época, suficientes conocimientos sobre tema ni tecnología que lo ayudara, se las ingenió para llevar a cabo esta disciplina que lo hace vibrar.
Como buen profesional, Peluko buscó perfeccionar su arte recorriendo diversos países, para así nutrirse de cultura, experiencias y conocimientos que hoy en día lo convierten en un gran exponente en nuestro país.

Tattoo do Dia - Tattoo of the Day

Musica do Dia - Hell on Wheels - The Soda

PinUp Southwest Issue1

English | HQ PDF | 59 pages | 54.59 MB

Rockstar Inked Up Tour 2013 - Miss Inked Up Seattle

Tätowierer Magazin - November 2013

Tätowierer Magazin - November 2013
24,0 MB | PDF | Retail | 148 Pages | german

Under the Skin with Jack Rudy

After leaving the Marines in 1975, Rudy began his career as an apprentice at Goodtime Charlie's Tattooland, in East Los Angeles. Under the watch of Charlie Cartwright, a friend of his he had met while visiting the Old Long Beach pike while on leave from the USMC Logistics Base in Barstow CA, Rudy and Cartwright began to hone their craft of single-needle, Black and Gray style tattoos. Simultaneously creating a whole new sub genre of modern tattooing and raising the proverbial bar for many new emerging tattoo artists and artists in general. His very distinct and distinguishable style is renowned for its masterful use of light and dark shades of varying degrees of black and grey. In addition to creating a softer and more realistic style of tattooing with the advent of the new single needle tattoo technology artists where now able to use a much greater level of detail than previously attainable utilizing older and more readily accepted tattoo machine and needle configurations. As the client base of East Los Angeles began requesting this 'penitentiary-style', the pair decided to create a single-needle configured tattoo machine.

TattooStyle - Oktober/November 2013

TattooStyle Magazin - Oktober/November 2013
German | 132 pages | True PDF | 20 Mb

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Tattooing Breast Cancer - P.INK Project

Women who have gone through mastectomies are embracing tattoos as a way to deal with the scarring that comes afterwards. P.INK provides tattoos as a way to empower women to take creative control of their post-op bodies. They join us in studio.

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Tattooist Life - Freddy Ampuero - Cap.1

Freddy Ampuero se inicia en el tatuaje en los tiempos donde esta expresión artística estuvo marcada por represión, silencios y malas opiniones, más aún, él siempre buscó la forma de saciar su necesidad de plasmar en la piel este arte milenario, durante ya 23 años.

Exotic Tattoo Murcia - Episodio 2

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22 Fotos - 5.58Mb

Under the Skin - Freddy Negrete

Under the Skin with Freddy Negrete, tattooing at Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood, CA. As a pioneer in the world of the fine line black and gray tattoo art, Negrete was part of a revolutionary group of tattoo artists with diverse styles, including Mark Mahoney, Bob Roberts and Leo Zuleta. Named tattoo artist of the year in 1980, Negrete has more than 35 years of experience under his belt. But that's not all. During his busy tattooing career, Negrete found the time to finish college, work on movie sets and become a musician.

Tattoo Nation - The Vanishing Tattoo History

NYC Tattoo Convention moved to March 2014

One of the most acclaimed tattoo gatherings  -- the NYC Tattoo Convention -- has brought beautiful freaks worldwide to New York in spring time, as it has been held each May for 16 years. However, with the sad news that the convention's venue, the historic Roseland Ballroom, will be shutting down in April 2014, I worried about the fate of my hometown show.

Thankfully, we'll still be able to party in this iconic spot, if not for one last time, as the convention dates for 2014 are March 21st through the 23rd. While the news has been spread around social media, I've still been hearing people talk about making travel plans for May or even setting up appointments at that time, so I wanted to help get the word out there that the show will go on, but in March.

We'll be there and hope to see you too!  Check my bad camera phone pics from past shows on Flickr.

Retro Viva - Pin-Up Session Guide 2013

Retro Viva - Pin-Up Session Guide 2013
English | Pages 19 | PDF | 3.4 Mb



Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention (2013)

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5ª Expo Pinturas - Led's Tattoo
Dando continuidade ao propósito de promover o contínuo desenvolvimento de nosso grupo de artistas, bem como de divulgar cada vez mais a tatuagem como uma expressão artística, temos o prazer de informar a abertura da nova exposição de artes plásticas da Led's Tattoo.
São 16 Body suits (corpos cortados em madeira) pintados pelos artistas do estúdio utilizando-se diversas técnicas e materiais, como Nanquim, Ecoline, Acrílica, Lápis Aquarelável, Caneta 2.0, Aquarela, Nankin com aerógrafo, Caneta Poska, Lápis de cor, Xilografia (Matriz).
Os artistas participantes desta edição são: Led's (Sérgio Maciel), Tino, Rafael Lobo, Akemi Higashi, Átila Soares, Sérgio Ricardo, Mauro Nunes, Nany, Gu, Pedro Contessoto, Fábio Bolito, Marcelo Maciel, Mauro Cardoso, Melina Casteletto e Bob Queiroz.
Sérgio Maciel (Led's) idealizador da exposição deixou o tema livre aos artistas, para que pudessem exercitar a criatividade e expressar suas inspirações com total liberdade.

Pure History Specials : The Vanishing Tattoo

A grueling journey deep into the jungle of Borneo takes two men in search of the last remaining traditional tattoo artists. Pushing inland along the 'River of Death', they document ancient practices and try to keep the traditional methods alive.

Tattoo Wars S01E01

Tattoo Titans S01E01

Exotic Tattoo Murcia - Episodio 1

Madrid INK - Capitulo 7

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15 Fotos - 3.41Mb

Desenho - Drawing

Post destinado a ajudar o leitor com a escolha de desenhos e a montagem da tatuagem / Post to assist the reader with the choice of tattoo designs and assembly

Tatuagens - Tattoos

 Post com o objetivo de tirar as dúvidas do leitor em relação as cores; desenhos, local da tattoo e etc...
Post in order to draw the reader's doubts about the colors, designs, local tattoo and etc ...

Tattoo Ink Girl

Foto do Leitor - Reader Photo(Jessie - Los Angeles(EUA))

Se voce leitor(a) do Tattoo & Ink quiser que sua foto ou tatuagem apareça no blog mande para o Email tattooeetc@gmail.com / If you reader (a) Ink Tattoo & want your photo to appear in the blog tattoo or send Email to tattooeetc@gmail.com

Tattoo do Dia - Tattoo of the Day