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Lessons In Masterful Portrait Drawing

Lessons In Masterful Portrait Drawing: A Classical Approach To Drawing The Head

Draw the best portraits with form and spirit.

Drawing techniques from a master!

Mau-Kun Yim learned to draw as the Old Masters did and believes that to render the essence of life in portrait drawing, one must continue to pursue the old ways. This philosophy and methodology relies on a holistic approach to observation, analysis and critical-thinking honed through time and patience.
Start with a solid foundation - Classical bust drawing is a must. These lessons aid in constructing volume in your drawing and introduce concepts of structure.

Move on to sketching - The best way to train your observation skills. Anatomy, value and state of mind are the focus of these lessons.

12 step-by-step tutorials put it all together - Form and spirit combine along with more clearly defined details to bring life and dimension to your portraits.

An extensive gallery of beautifully and classically executed portraits, figures, sketches and busts serves as inspiration.


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Black Ink Crew S05E17 Say It Dont Spray It HDTV x264-CRiMSON

Say It, Don’t Spray It
Ceaser has a revelation about his relationship with Dutchess. Later, Richard’s wife hits her breaking point after the loss of their baby; Kitty attempts to make peace with Dutchess; and Bae is caught up in a new romance.


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France Conventions 29 April – 01 May 2017

Colmar Tattoo Convention
Bienvenue à la  4ème édition de la Colmar Tattoo Convention 2017

Avenue de la Foire aux Vins
68000 Colmar

Curso de Desenho Realista DVD Vol 01


Tätowier Magazin No 05 – Mai 2017

Tätowier Magazin No 05 – Mai 2017
German | 132 Pages | True-PDF | 72,4 MB


Big North Tattoo Show 2017

The 1st Annual & International Big North Tattoo Show – Total Tattoo Magazine in association with Tattoo.T.V are proud to announce the North East’s biggest ever tattoo event.

Arena Way, Newcastle upon Tyne
NE4 7NA,
United Kingdom

Portfolio Peek - Jumilla Olivares

Tattoo Scout - Nr.59 2017

Tattoo Scout - Nr.59 2017
German | 100 pages | PDF | 64 MB


Expo Tattoo Zacatecas 2017

5ta Ediciòn de Expo Tattoo Zacatecas !!!

Contaremos con la participacion de excelentes artistas nacionales e internacional, ambiente familiar, area de alimentos, musica en vivo, performace, freack show, suspencion corporal, pasarela, chicas Suicide Girls, y muchisimo mas !!!

Fomentar la cultura del Arte corporal en el Estado de Zacatecas, Apoyar y contribuir al desarrollo de nuevos artistas y propuestas para la mejora del arte corporal con el apoyo de conferencias, clínicas y seminarios con artistas Nacionales e Internacionales, difundir con atracciones para jóvenes y adultos que gusten del este arte alternativo como lo es el, Tatuaje, Perforación, Escarificacion, Suspencion Corporal, Modificación.

Nos vemos en nuestra 5ª edición con grandes invitados nacionales e Internacionales.

$ 80.00 por día, Bono: $ 150

Del Plomo, Centro
98000 Zacatecas, Zac.

Tattoo Timelapse - Kory Angarita

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Twisted Edge - February 2017

Twisted Edge - February 2017
English | 122 pages | True PDF | 167 MB


Black Ink Crew S05E16 Ruff Times HDTV x264-CRiMSON

Ruff Times
Sky returns to 113th and shares some big news. Later, Ceaser attempts damage control with Miss Kitty; Sky heads to the boardroom to pitch her new workout; and all hell breaks loose when Donna says Sky doesn’t deserve her promotion.


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Twisted Edge - December 2016

Twisted Edge - December 2016
English | 122 pages | True PDF | 54 MB


Ink Mayhem Laughlin Tattoo Convention


The Festival takes place  in Laughlin, NV. At the Colorado Belle, Right on the river. There will be a lot of people and a lot going on. The show will offer a variety of attractions. Including  performers, and other entertainment. Additionally but not limited to.

Laughlin (Nevada),2100 S Casino Dr
Laughlin, NV 89029
United States

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Universe 137 Magazine Alternative Edition - April-May 2017

Universe 137 Magazine Alternative Edition – April-May 2017
English, Spanish | 74 pages | True PDF | 93 MB


Corey Miller : An Untold Story | The Beginning Years

SullenTV presents Corey Miller : An untold story. Listen to Corey Miller tell his story on how his career started, unfiltered and with never before seen pictures, and insights never before revealed. Take a ride back in time to the beginning when tattooing was just starting to boom and turn into an artform, at Tattooland and beyond. Part one dives into the beginning years.

Corey Miller : An Untold Story | Big Break : Tattooland

SullenTV presents Corey Miller : An untold story. Listen to Corey Miller tell his story on how his career started, unfiltered and with never before seen pictures, and insights never before revealed. Take a ride back in time to the beginning when tattooing was just starting to boom and turn into an artform, at Tattooland and beyond. In Part 2, Corey talks about his big break and starting work at Tattooland.

Corey Miller : An Untold Story | Time for Change : Six Feet Under

SullenTV presents Corey Miller : An untold story. Listen to Corey Miller tell his story on how his career started, unfiltered and with never before seen pictures, and insights never before revealed. Take a ride back in time to the beginning when tattooing was just starting to boom and turn into an artform, at Tattooland and beyond. Part 3 tell about the big change and going out on his own.

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Tatoo Scout - Nr.58 2017

Tatoo Scout - Nr.58 2017
German | 100 pages | PDF | 31 MB


▪ ₳₹₸ ▪


Krasnodar Tattoo Week 2017

This spring. April 21 to 23. Krasnodar. There will be a tattoo festival “Krasnodar Tattoo Week 2017“.

This is the second festival that will be held in the Kuban and will unite all the cultures: tattooists, artists, musicians, models and just lovers of tattoos! All will gather in the heart of the southern capital. Krasnodar tattoo week will take place in the historical center of the city, the Regional Exhibition Hall of Fine Arts “ARTZAL

The organizer of the festival is the Krasnodar studio “HYDRA Tattoo Workroom“, which gave you an unforgettable “Krasnodar tattoo festival” 2016.

Professionals from all over Russia, Europe, from overseas as well as members of international teams Eikon, Intenze, World famous, Bishop, Nocturnal and other well-known brands are waiting for you! The biggest tattoo equipment store Tattoomarket will be the partner of Krasnodar tattoo week. The sponsor of the festival is TattooPharma – domestic manufacturer of tattoo care products. Eikon – the largest manufacturer of tattoo equipment – will be the second sponsor of the festival.

All artists are going to take part in the amazing contest program, where they can compete in numerous nominations, share experiences and just have a great time.

In addition to the tattoo artists in the jury will be a member of the Union of Artists and a journalist. The assessment system will not be simple, but in our opinion the most fair.

Also you will find an incredible exhibition of paintings by artists and tattooists,

Entertaining and competitive program, tattooed citrus, performances by musicians, acrobatic show, dance show, Pin Up Girls – this is only a small part of what awaits our viewers. For lovers of female beauty and art, we have prepared

Body art competition.

Our artist will hold master classes and answer all the questions that have interested you for a very long time. And in the end, the jury will choose the best of the best in the struggle for the GRAND PRIX festival. This year we decided to hold a competition not only for the Queen of the Festival, but also to choose the King of Krasnodar tattoo week.

We are waiting for you all with impatience.

Krasnodarskiy Kraevoy Vystavochnyy Zal Izobrazitelnykh Iskusstv
ул. Рашпилевская, 32, Krasnodar,
Krasnodar Krai, 350000

Riae Suicide - Inked Girls September - October 2014 USA

Riae Suicide - Inked Girls September-October 2014 USA
8 Fotos - 646 Kb

Portfolio Peek - Jasen Workman

Inked - May 2017

Inked - May 2017
English | 100 pages | PDF | 54 MB


Brasil Convenções - 21 – 23 Abri 2017

1° Tattoo Pró Arte Indaiatuba
1º Tattoo Pro Arte Indaiatuba 2017

Festival de Tatuadores & Perfuradores Profissionais de Indaituba & Região

Tatuadores & Perfuradores de todo Brasil vão se encontrar em INDAIATUBA – SP para 3 dias de muito Trabalho & Diversão.

Concurso de Tatuagem
Concurso de Piercing

Inteira: R$ 20,00
Meia: R$ 10,00 (Meia Solidária – Doando 1 KG de Alimento)

Av. Pres. Vargas, 2000 – Centro,
Indaiatuba – SP, 13338-705,

SuicideGirls - Jacqueline - F.I.N.E

39 Fotos - 8,66 Mb

Tattoo Timelapse - Roza

Total Tattoo – Issue 151 2017 – May 2017

Total Tattoo – Issue 151 2017 – May 2017
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 26 MB


Perugia Tattoo Convention 2017

Presentazione Perugia Tattoo Convention: negli ultimi venti anni abbiamo assistito ad una esponenziale crescita del fenomeno culturale e sociale del tatuaggio, la riscoperta delle culture legate alla Polinesia, al Giappone, alla cultura marinaresca e militare americana ed europea, ha visto proliferare studi di tatuaggi in ogni parte del mondo. Contestualmente, la necessità degli artisti di confrontarsi e la necessità di sperimentare e migliorare nuove tecniche e l’utilizzo di nuovi materiali, ha originato l’organizzazione di convention di tatuatori, prima nelle principali città, poi via via secondo schemi di reticolato sempre più fitti, in tutta Italia da più di vent’anni. Il grande richiamo di pubblico originato dagli artisti stranieri e italiani di fama internazionale, non è meno importante del fascino creato dalle nostre meravigliose città sugli artisti in questione.

Lasciare una regione come l’Umbria ricca di storia ed arte, priva della sua convention sarebbe imperdonabile, ed è perciò che la nostra associazione ha deciso di organizzare la 2ª Perugia Tattoo Convention.

Tutti gli amanti e appassionati di tatuaggi non potranno mancare a questo Show, allietato da spettacoli e performance, primo e unico nel suo genere in Umbria che si svolgerà nei giorni 21 – 22 – 23 Aprile 2017. Un periodo selezionato incolonnando una serie di date legate ad altri eventi di spessore internazionale come quello che si intende realizzare a Perugia, presso Hotel Giò – Perugia Centro Congressi via Ruggero D’Andreotto, 19, con le sue 206 camere, 26 sale meeting interamente dedicate al jazz e l’auditorium con 700 posti, si propone come funzionale struttura congressuale, punto di riferimento per il Centro Italia.

Venerdì: 14.00 – 22.00
Sabato: 12.00 – 24.00
Domenica: 11.00 – 21.00

Costo d’ingresso giornaliero 12€
L’acquisto del biglietto/abbonamento avviene all’ingresso della convention
I bambini accompagnati sotto i 12 anni non pagano il biglietto di ingresso

V.le Ruggero D’Andreotto, 19
06124 Perugia