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Rites of Passage Tattoo Convention & Arts Festival 2014

We’ve handpicked the world’s finest tattoo artists to showcase their work in the city of Melbourne, the arts capital of Australia. The Rites of Passage Festival is your opportunity to see world-class masters at work and to experience it first-hand.
Places are very limited, so to avoid disappointment make a booking with your preferred artist by contacting them direct through their contact details listed on the artists page. And don’t miss the Tattoo Artists’ Exhibition of artworks, which have been produced to celebrate the Rites of Passage message and will be auctioned for charity on the final day of the festival.

Rites of Passage Tattoo Convention & Arts Festival is a festival that celebrates creativity as a means to connect. By celebrating the art of tattoo, music, visual art and environmental awareness, we’re creating a dynamic, shared space.
Today, the reasons people get tattooed are as numerous and diverse as the tattoos themselves: to commemorate loved ones, to celebrate milestones, for sheer aesthetic pleasure, but beyond this western, modern interpretation of the ancient art form there lies an inherent spirituality the ceremonial marking of the skin to signify a Rite of Passage has been an integral part of tribal life since our ancestors first started enacting rituals.

The Rites of Passage Festival aims to take you on a journey to lands forgotten and cultures undiscovered to re-explore the real reason people get tattooed in both the modern and ancient world. In doing so, it celebrates not only the creative energy that links us to ourselves and each other as a modern tribe it enables us to explore how we can reconnect with our natural environment in the same respectful ways as our ancestors, and re-establish the balance our Earth needs for its survival while we go about living our modern lives.

The Rites of Passage Festival is aiming to be as Eco-friendly as possible, showcasing everything from organic locally grown produce to Eco-friendly tattoo supplies. It’s our firm belief that it’s possible to tread lightly without missing out on any of the indulgences we’ve come to depend on in our lives and it’s for this reason that 100% of the profits made from the festival will go towards buying old growth forest and/or agricultural land, which will be replanted with native rain forest and various Indigenous Australian Charities.
We also believe that by fostering a deeper sense of community we’ll be on our way to a more sustainable future so we’re celebrating Australia’s traditional landowners and showing our respect to the rich cultural diversity that forms the rich, dynamic fabric of this country.

The Rites of Passage Festival is an all-inclusive event because we realise that only a united movement can propel our society forward towards positive change.

Royal Exhibition Building
Carlton Gardens Tennis Club,
9 Nicholson Street, Melbourne VIC 3053,

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