segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2015

Tattoo & Ink Model - KayteeAnna

Im a small town midwest girl from the good ol OMAHA NEBRASKA. although the town has 500,000 people, im still a small town valued family first girl. Im SUPER SUPER independant, and am always there for someone when they need me. You can thank the midwest for that part of me :) now on the other side of the spectrum im a wild child. I am super outgoing, full of energy, and always the life of the party. Never a dull moment over here, thats for sure. I moved to california in june of 2009 by myself. Just looking for a change of pace and better opportunities. When i moved here a good friend and i started a commercial and residential cleaning company.

That in its own is a whole story, so ive been running the company with her since about october of 09. In 2010, i was spotted by a couple photogs and asked to do a photoshoot. Although I had ZERO knowledge of ANYTHING i was getting my hands on & I was super inexperienced in the industry And how everything works, i went ahead and tried it..... And LOVED IT!!
Ive been doing photoshoots, small acting gigs, events, print work, etc ever since. The industry is completely INSANE, and ever changing, and i love it. I am mainly in the tattood scene, but i LOVE the fashion side of photography and i can promise you ill be behind the lens snappin away in the near future too.



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