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NYC Urban Tattoo Convention 2015

The URBAN Tattoo Convention (UTC) is the only organization in America designed to serve as a platform for tattooists of diverse ethnicities to showcase their wide variety of talent and artistic skill. UTC was founded in 2009 by Al Fliction, a Brooklyn based tattooist who had experienced segregation within the tattoo industry and at various tattoo conventions around the nation. UTC has featured an extensive range of artists who are skilled in various forms of tattooing including but not limited to: black and grey, new school, portraits, tribal, and typography. UTC gives extremely talented tattooists a chance to showcase their skills, affording them the opportunity to expand their network, gain recognition amongst their peers and to tattoo new body canvases who share the love of tattoo collecting.

The URBAN Tattoo Convention’s (UTC) mission is to empower tattooist from diverse cultural heritages to showcase their art and tattooing skill set. UTC is committed to the recognition of experienced tattooists, the development of up-and-coming tattoo artists and the cultivation of the growing urban art community.
Feel free to stop by Skin & Ink to receive that live treatment from Al Fliction & Staff. They will deliver the event info to you Live & Direct!!!
” Motor Cycle Crews Make sure you Represent Hard for your Chapter June 27th & 28th

Event Date: June 26th – 28th 2014
Time: Friday 3pm – 11PM
Time: Saturday: 11AM – 11PM
Time: Sunday 11AM – 10PM
Age: All Ages Welcomed, 21 to drink no exceptions!!!
Friday,Saturday & Sunday
Brooklyn NY’s “Industry City”
233 37th Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Industry City Bush Terminal‎
233 37th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
United States

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