domingo, 12 de julho de 2015

Tattoo Convention Middelkerke 2015
This convention is a benefit for Remy Dejaegher (can be found on Youtube, vtm nieuws 2011). Remy will soon be getting 3years old and is waiting on a kidney transplant since the day he was born. There are only 3 people so far who have survived this illness. Remy only had a 10% survival chanse to make it through his first year. He doesn’t eat, he can’t talk and he can’t walk. Because of his condition Remy has never played with other kids, his parents had to sell their family business because they couldn’t afford to buy his special probe-food. His mother has to stay home to give him his medicine cocktails and change his probe 4 times a day. Remy has to get weekly check-ups in the universitairy hospitals and dialysis at home isn’t possible anymore. The average waiting time for a kidney transplant is 1 to 6 years..

porthal De Branding
Populierenlaan 35
8430 Middelkerke,

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