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Tattoo & Ink Model - Kristen Holley(Ms Ruthless)

Some of you may know me as Kristen Holley & some of you may know me as Ms Ruthless. I grew up in Pataskala, Oh & I’m currently residing in Columbus, Oh. I made my debut into the alternative tattoo modeling industry in March 2013 and I’m eager to make my way to the top. I very much like to stand out and be different. I love the shock value of things. I am brave and fearless. I am extremely adventurous & outgoing. I’m athletic and fit. I was a competitive gymnast for many years . I cheered all 4 years of high school for football and basketball. I was also a member of their competition squad. I competed with another outside All-Star Competition Cheerleading squad as well.
I got my first tattoo when I was 20. A few of my friends were going to get tattooed so I decided to tag along. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted so I just got a small star outline like my older sister had. She was 7 years older than me. I thought she was so cool because she had what I use to think was a lot of tattoos! Now that I look back on it, 7 tattoos isn’t very many! At the age of 22 I began getting more heavily tattooed. I have always been very creative. I love self expression and greatly appreciate art. Some people like to hang their art on a wall but I prefer to wear mine. All of my tattoos are meaningful and have a story behind them. I do not have a favorite for this reason. The majority of my work has been done by Billy White at Downtown Tattoo in Zanesville, OH. He is an awesome traditional artist. Some additional artists that I’ve been tattooed by are : Stephanie Tomlinson, Jamie Hickey, Kevin Stress, Don Colling, Joshua Williams and Josh “Cookie” Cook .





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