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Perfil - Brandon Bond

Brandon Bond is one of the most influential tattoo artists alive today. His tireless focus in tattooing is only rivaled by his other business endeavors. Publishing books, creating award winning films, fundraising for a slew of charities, and teaching his tattooing techniques, he has created an Empire of success that is unparalleled, and his tattoo studio, ALL OR NOTHING Tattoo in Atlanta, GA has become the most published and award winning tattoo parlor in the history of tattooing, and is the home of some of the best tattoo artists in the world.
Brandon was born on the small island of Perdido Key in Florida.  He began his artistic endeavors due to the encouragement of his amazingly supportive parents.  He spent almost all of his time as a child playing music and drawing.  The growth of his abilities eventually carried him to college in Texas where he studied Fine Arts.  It was at this point in his career that he first picked up a tattoo machine, a gift from his friend Jim Wolfe, and consequently he set down his musical instruments.  This experience forced a dramatic change in his life.  He immediately began tattooing all of his friends and got some of his earliest pieces published immediately.  Brandon went to school in Texas during the weekdays, tattooed at night, and drove all the way to Florida every weekend to tattoo at a small shop in Fort Walton Beach called Tattoo Zoo.  He continued this compulsive workaholism for the next 18 years and counting.





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