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Tattoo Ink Model - Anastassia Bear

Anastassia Bear is a freelance model originating from Austin, Texas. Starting her career off early in 2008 as a live performance artist, you can now find her in virtually any part of the USA. She loves to travel and frequently does just that! Standing at 5’4” with short ever-changing hair and green eyes, Miss Bear is known for her versatility and fluidity throughout genres. Although she is passionate about her favorite styles which include (but are not limited to) latex, fetish, nude, horror, and the macabre, she can very easily at any time just as readily pull of glamour, pin-up, or any number of genres out there.

Bear is definitely not what you would call a traditional model my any means, a number of piercings and tattoos as well as her variance in style sets her apart from the rest. She is extremely broad-minded and always interested in new, innovative concepts that push the limits of controversy as well as open the mind of the viewer. She’s been pushing the envelop since the moment she made her way into the world.
Aside from modeling, Bear regularly performs at live venues as a fire breather, burlesque dancer, and fetish artist. She has performed along side many acts such as Bozo Porno Circus and Nero Bellum. Bear is also currently a member of The Vaude-Thrills burlesque troupe, based out of Austin, TX. She performs with the troupe on a regular basis.
Miss Bear has been published in several magazines and appeared in music videos, she even has some impromptu television appearances. Despite her height, she has walked the runway as a hair model and for a SFX artist showcase. At this point she strives to achieve the best that she can and loves what she does. As a model, an artist, she won’t ever stop creating. 


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