domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2016

Hand Poke FACIAL Tattoo - Gorgeous (real time)

This tattoo on the face of this sweet girl was done in spring 2016, at Bleu Carbone in France (Vienne) by Dino Vallely. This was done using the hand poke method instead of a regular tattoo machine. And there's a reason! Even if you cannot add many details with this way of inking, usually the result looks good without any ink diffusion. The skin is so thin that the ink diffusion is a risk with a tattoo machine. The owner of this great tattoo is named Jhenn Oz, and she's a tattooist too. However, unlike most of the tattoo artists, Jhenn Oz is enthousiast about body modification. His whole body will be transformed soon in a body concept : the dark mermaid.

This blue tattoo on the face is a first step, because three month after, she decided to add more ink, partially covering this design, during the Nepal Ink Convention (in Nepal of course!). Check the link below to see the final result after her second face tattoo. It is not only on the cheek and the temple, but now a part of her forehead and her brows are tattooed. The result is incredible and so cool... Check the links below.

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