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RUS Conventions - August 2017

Ural Tattoo Convention
On 12th and 13th of August in Yekaterinburg will be held the VI Ural Tattoo Convention – a major festival of tattoo art and culture.

The basis of the Ural Tattoo Convention is a contest progam for tattoo artists and their works. At the time of the Convention more than 120 tattoo artists from different cities and countries will gather under one roof.
The contest program of the Convention consists of 2 parts. The first part is general nominations. Everyone can take part in it, thereby promoting his or her tattoo artist and the work done by him or her. These nominations are divided into categories and styles, total of 18. The basic requirement for works: the work must be completely healed and fully comply with the nomination.

The second part is the nominations for masters-participants of the VI Ural Tattoo Convention. For the competition only those works are accepted that were performed at the festival. Also the end of the tattoo festival we are going to award the Grand Prix winner of the VI Ural Tattoo Convention.

The Ural Tattoo Convention is the platform for promoting the art and culture of tattoo without repulsive attributes, provocation and kitsch. This event is devoted to professionalism, creativity and skill!

In addition to the opportunity to put your tattoo on the contest, participants and visitors will be able to see the final of the Ural Tattoo Queen contest, spend two days in a special energy and atmosphere. On the site visitors will enjoy light music, delicious food, creative and sports activities, recreation and entertainment from the partners of the tattoo convention.

Don’t miss the biggest tattoo event of the Ural!

Sverdlovsk Oblast

Siberian Tattoo Festival
About the festival, you are able to:

Meet the best tattoo artists and professionals from all around the world and share your tattoo idea which you could bring to life immediately,

Fix or cover an old tattoo or the one you don’t like,

Check out the quality of tattoos of people around you, find the sketch you dreaming so long and choose an artist you loved,

Have fun, buy original apparel and accessories of the event,

Find all required tattoo equipment and supplies for professionals and individuals with the best possible discounts from the top manufacturers and dealers.

Novosibirsk Oblast, 630091

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