sexta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2014

Israel Tattoo Convention 2014

Inspired by the global phenomenon of international tattoo conventions the Israeli body art society production company came together to create the first ever Tattoo convention in Tel Aviv.
Over the past 10 years there’s been a notable growth in the tattoo industry in Israel and with more new studios and artists promoting the art it seemed like there wasn’t a better time to take the industry to the next international standard and showcase the craft in Israel.

The first convention took place last year on Dec 13th, featuring over 25 shops from all over Israel, a show by the first Israeli suspension crew Suicide Team and over 20 local bands and merchants of the alternative nature.
The convention took place at the Mosad hanger in Tel Aviv, attracting over 1500 people & drawing a vast press reaction & great attention to the alternative body arts industry in Israel.
Nowadays the production is working on the next convention, taking place on Feb 8th, 2014.
Following last year’s great reaction the Israeli Body Arts Society production is thrilled to go bigger.Stay tuned for more information about what we have in store for you for the next event.

Abarbanel 88, 
Tel Aviv

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