sexta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2014

Portfolio Peek - Alexis Vaatete

Alexis Vaatete was born with a huge imagination, and an artistic talent to match. As a youth in Orange County, California, Alexis found a passion for art growing inside him. While his mother worked hard to provide for her family, he tapped into his endless imagination to create scenes and worlds for his artwork. The dreams of night and day were always there, a constant source to feed his artistic outlet. With his imagination getting the best of him, he was able to draw to bring those images to life on anything he can find. In an effort to improve his skills, he started to reference the art from the comic book cards he collected. Alexis' amazing journey with art had only just begun. Being the son of a Marquesan, Alexis was strongly influenced by his Polynesian background and from some of the books in his father's collection which covered the history and lifestyle of the Polynesian Islands. The pictures and stories depicted a culture that was deeply connected with its tattoo heritage.

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