sexta-feira, 4 de abril de 2014

Slovenia Tattoo Convention 2014

Welcome dear fans of tattoo & piercing. At the end of March and in the beginning of April we have organized the 1st International Tattoo Convention in Slovenia which was held in the city of Krško. And on the behalf of tremendous interest, from tattooators and visitors, we have decided to repeat the event. Even the tattooators themselves have encouraged us. So, it is my great pleasure to inform you that the second convention will be held at the Sports Hall Triglav which is located behind Bežigrad Stadium in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Aside from tattooing and piercing you will also be able to attend bodypainting, see stands with tattoo equipment, etc. The whole event will be accompanied by various music bands.
In hope of you visiting us in even greater number than before, we wish you best regards.

Športni center Triglav d.o.o.
Vodovodna cesta 25
1000 Ljubljana

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