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Cagliari Tattoo Convention 2014
7th edition
Convention Centre Setar Hotel, Via Lipari 1, 
Quartu Sant’Elena, Cagliari
Renewed for the 7th year in a row, the usual appointment dedicated to tattoos and body art is back for us once again. 
The programme involving music, shows, exhibits and art installations is now ultimate. 
Also, on the stage of the Convention for the first time ever, international guests will be part of the schedule: precisely, the Dutch band called ”Dope D.O.D.”. 
It’s the seventh edition for the Tattoo Convention Cagliari, the first Sardinian event entirely dedicated to tattoos and body art, which involves hundreds of artists every year and captivates an increasing number of visitors. 
The first edition of the Convention dates back to 2008 and since then, it has included outstanding professional tattoo artists year after year, such as Leon Lam, Matteo Pasqualin, Stizzo, Marco Galdo, Andrea Pallocchini, Rudy Fritsch, Daniel Rocha,Michele Agostini, Pierluigi Deliperi, Joao Pinto, and Fabio Gargiulo. In the 2013 edition, more than eleven thousand visitors showed up, attracting the press and the daily news’ attention; not to mention the wide appeal on the web and on social networks. 
Hundreds of tattoos have been made during those three days, all of which have been made with a particular style, varying from the traditional old school to the Japanese, from realistic to figurative and contemporary avant-garde realizations.
The Cagliari Tattoo Convention will take place, once again, at the Setar Hotel, a perfect location due to its proximity with the county seat and with the main tourist attractions of Southern Sardinia: during the three days, from Friday, August 22nd to Sunday 24th, opening every afternoon at 4 PM until late night, visitors will get the chance to visit stalls belonging to more than 150 tattoo artists and piercers, to actually ask them for a cost estimate and/or appointments, and to see them in action. Attendees will also encounter many clothing stalls, handcrafted jewelry, merchandising and body art supplies. On the last day, as usual, there will be a contest awarding the best tattoos sorted in five different categories, namely realistic, figurative, japanese, tribal and traditional. 
Thursday, August 21st, just before the actual beginning of the Convention itself, there will be a little preview only for tattoo artists: a seminar by Luca Natalini and Joao Pinto about the new school style. 
The Convention will also offer a wide range of interesting musical events, art exhibits and shows, ranging from concerts, DJs, dancing and burlesque,to art installations and exhibitions. Throughout the three days, people will be able to meet the guys on stilts from the Teatro Del Sottosuolo, and art installations by Kippy la Rue, the collective exhibition ”Ritr’arte” regarding tattoos and the exposition of vintage cars and motorbikes by the collective Bobber Cycles will be available and ready to be viewed at all times.
On Friday, August 22nd at 7 PM, the outdoor area of the Convention will have the pleasure to host the show of jugglers-tumblers from the Ditta Vigliacci, along with the tribal dancing performance by the Tribal Flame Company. To follow, there will be a concert with the rock-noise band Thank U for Smoking, from Cagliari.
On Saturday, August 23rd, the soiree will be especially dedicated to the hip hop music: starting at 9 PM, the beatmaker and producer from Cagliari Jolie Rouge will be on stage; later on, the most anticipated name in this 7th edition of the Convention: the Dutch band Dope D.O.D., creators of an extremely powerful and strong rap-hardcore, influenced by dubstep and electronic sounds. 
On Sunday, August 24th, other than the actual contest awarding the best tattoos, ‘Lo Show delle Meraviglie’ will take place; a burlesque and magic performance by the Italo-American duo of Cleo Viper and Christopher Wonder: irony, theatre and dancing, special effects and sensuality will all be part of this intriguing show.
The Event is organised by the Cagliari Tattoo Convention, cultural association.
The list regarding tattoo artists and performers participating in the Convention is constantly being updated 
Information & organization
Tattoo Convention Cagliari associazione culturale
via Satta 23, 09040 Maracalagonis (CA)
Press Agency
Francesca Mulas 
Information, concerts ands shows
Carlo Articolo (Ghostown Booking)
Hotel SetarVia Lipari 1/3, 09045
Quartu S. Elena (Cagliari)

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