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Tommy’s Tattoo Convention 2014
I, Tom Ringwalt will be hosting the 3rd Annual Tommy’s Tattoo Convention at the CT Convention Center, October 3-5, 2014 in Hartford, CT. The past two years have been amazing and very successful with some of the most talented artists in the world like Stefano Alcantara, Payne, Kurt Silver, Amy Nicoletto, Clint Cummings, Steve Teft, and more. For 2014 we have more world known tattoo artists, vendors, celebrities, new mind blowing sideshows, and so much more. We have received a lot of advice and opinions that I will use to make this event as best as it can possibly be to better serve our customers. This show will continue to grow each year with the support and word of mouth from everyone that has attended this event.

Again I will advertise this event locally and nationally through all forms of media like fox network, billboards, newspapers, social media, worldwide tattoo magazines, press releases, and over 25,000 postcards sent out. I have put a lot of time, effort, and research into my past shows to make all future shows better and better. I have traveled to many tattoo conventions in the past 8 years and picked apart all the successful aspects that made them grow and put my own ideas into making my show a success. Now that I have experienced my own show for the second time each, I believe that each year will continue to grow bigger and better to become one of the most go to events in the state of CT. I am honored to be the host of being able to bring a live and exciting event to my home state where people look forward to attend each year.

This convention gives people a chance to get tattooed by a variety of professional tattoo artists who specialize in different styles of artwork. You will receive the best possible tattoo that you could ever imagine by some of the most skillful tattoo artists around. Along with getting tattooed live on the spot you can also shop at all of our vendors, see entertainment like you have never seen before, get autographs by popular celebrities, Live music, full bar, food, contest, and so much more.

We will have a variety of new things going on each year so you can experience all aspects of the tattoo industry. Not only will you be able to get tattooed here but also see a mixture of events going on so you will get your money’s worth for the whole day. You will not want to miss this once a year event, you will see why when you attend!!!

Connecticut Convention Center
100 Columbus Boulevard #400
Hartford, CT 06103,
United States

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