terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014

Tattoo & Ink Model - Fiona Bergson

Fiona Bergson (from France and newly expat in Canada), international tattoo magazine cover girl has always had a passion for tattoos and always been attracted to the dark side of realist/surrealist art. She decided to combine her passion to her job in creating the shop Imperial Tattoo Connexion (also a tattoo flash supplier). Recently, she also became the advertising agent in Canada for the great magazine "Tattoo Life". She is now part of many international tattoo shows and is constantly looking for new artists to suggest you.
Imperial Tattoo Connexion (supply) ’s role is to gather the best of what currently exists in the realist/surrealist world of the tattoo industry. You can discover and buy artists’ pieces and works, such as : Jack Ribeiro, Thomas Kynst, Milosh… Exclusively, Imperial Tattoo Connexion suggests you Toxyc’s sketchbook (exclusive rights to Imperial Tattoo Connexion), as well as a series of pictures by the very talented photographer Lukas Zpira.





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