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Michele Wortman's Bloom Project

It used to be that saying someone "tattooed like a girl" was an intended insult, but the feminine motifs that populate a lot of portfolios today (of both men and women tattooers) have garnered a lot of attention and respect.

Of particular attention recently is Michele Wortman's Bloom Project featured in Tattoo Magazine, and in a new video (shown below). 

 The Bloom Project encompasses Michele's body sets, with a distinct overall harmonious feminine esthetic. As Michele notes on her blog, 15 years ago, she set out to "redefine more options for women wanting a lighter softer, balanced look within their tattoo collection." She explains that many of these sets began with shoulder cap tattoos and then grew into full sleeves and more. She then began documenting this process, which became the Bloom Project. Here's more:

Michele identified with the word Bloom as many of her clients requested floral motifs from her, and she likened this process of unfolding through layers of ink, adding on over time and personal transformation to the similarities of a bloom opening to flower.

Michele has inked several body sets and is currently working on an art book showcasing the lovely ladies she has been honored to tattoo and their process of collecting work through the years. The book will feature in-depth photos of her work as well as many of her clients who have come to be known as The Bloom Sisters. She is currently taking on new clients with this project in mind as well.

The Bloom Sisters will be featured in a series of articles in Tattoo Magazine, starting with a feature on Kristen Blinne (shown in the top photo above) in Issue #304, which is on newsstands now.

See more of Michele's body sets on her site, Instagram and Facebook.

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