quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2015

Ottawa Gatineau Tattoo Expo 2015


The Ottawa-Gatineau Tattoo Expo team is proud to present this year’s convention to the biggest public ever. We have gone beyond our previous shows to bring you the best artists on the same floor. “Clash of the Titans” will mark the 7th edition and for the occasion we felt it was time to get out of our comfort zone and rattle some cages to create a unique experience that everyone will enjoy.

For this special edition, the Ottawa-Gatineau Tattoo Expo team is bringing together some of the most renowned tattoo artists from across the globe. We have called them ”The Titans”. These highly talented artists will dazzle you with their amazing skills and unique styles. Come and discover the next generation of tattoo artists from the west coast and the avant-garde flair of European tattooers. No matter which style of tattoos you’re into, there is a Titan for you. Check out their portfolios and let yourself be seduce by their incredible craftsmanship. This is a one time opportunity and it’s all for one weekend only so don’t miss it!

Hilton Lac-Leamy
3 Boulevard du Casino
Gatineau-Ottawa, QC J8Y 6X4,

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