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Tattoo & Ink Model - Madison Skye Ingram

Name:  Madison Skye Ingram

City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Occupation: Barber 

Your Favorite Tattoo?   I don't actually have one favorite tattoo but there are a few I like the most! I love the black and grey work done on my right thigh by Mor at Chronic Ink in Toronto. I also really like my right half sleeve that's been coming along too!

Your Next Tattoo?  So far my next tattoo is going to be my full back piece. Been looking for an artist to do it for awhile now and I finally found one. So I should be starting that in May.

Any Tattoo Fails?  Ya..... Haha there are a few I recently got that I wasn't too impressed on after, but at least they are small and I can either get them removed or covered up eventually.

Your favorite part about being in the tattoo chair?  My favorite part is the excitement of having a new piece! Obviously most people aren't a fan of the pain but knowing that one more spot is filled is exciting for me! 

Music I am Currently Listening to?  I've been listening to a lot of easy going music lately, like The XX and also some slow jam rap and hip hop music.

Any Exciting Events Coming up?  Not too many exciting events coming up other then tattoo appointments and photo shoots that I have planned for the new year. So keep an eye out for some new stuff coming everyone's way!!

Hidden Talents?  I have a few talents I keep on the down-low! I'm really good at DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) haha and I also like to paint and draw too.

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