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Tattoo Fixers S03E14-E15 TV x264-Deep61

Episode 14 
In the parlour this week, Alice, Jay and Sketch take on more of the nation’s imperfect inkings. Trendsetter James needs some landscaping done over his stickman, Joanne desperately requires an inking to stop her getting spanked, and Nicole wants her laddish tatt to be given a girly makeover. George needs some help before he gets detention, John has a Turkish holiday delight taken care of, and Reece is desperate for a distraction.

Episode 15 
Nathan wants to banish his bad luck back tatt, Gina’s randy chicken clucks off for good, and Dan’s tattoo story has a happy ending. Craig is giving his offensive football tatt the finger, Ollie’s wheezy Magaluf inking is sent into orbit, while Alice gives Taylia a matching tattoo in honour of her sister.

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