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Pune Tattoo Convention 2014

J.G. Tattoos Presents The Pune Tattoo Show 2014 in association with The Art Hop Pune 2014…

Dear Participants

Pune is here with its very own and one of a kind tattoo convention. 1st Pune Tattoo Show 2014.. Will be held at Pune’s most tattoo crazy area, Koregoan Park also not to mention the most moneyed… Pune Tattoo Show 2014 is slated to be held at The Maulana Azad Hall, Koregoan Park on the 19th and 20th of April… After Mumbai, Pune definitely is the place where the tattoo industry is booming big time and every second person has a tattoo they love to flaunt and surely hunger for more. Mumbai has had its share of conventions so why not Pune??? So without more delay Pune is on and this 2 day festival promises to keep your tattoo machines buzzing and also promises to provide you the best coverage and art appreciation possible..
So what you waiting for, go on and get those machines out and get ready to start Inking… For Pune’s more than awaited Tattoo Convention.. The Pune tattoo show 2014..

As for Art Hop, it is an Art related project that see’s every aspect of the art industry and tying up with them only mens more publicity and art realted cliental not to forget the wow factor that comes with Art Hop Pune, 2014 which will be different entertainment programs and much more… For further details on Art Hop Mumbai 2013 do google them…

To take a pick of the booth you would like as your own we have a detailed copy of the floor plan and the availability is as per requests. Contact us for more details.. [email protected] +(91)-020-30474377, +(91)-9011078004

Maulana Abul Kalam Hall
Burning Ghat Lane, Koregaon Park Pune,
Maharashtra, 411001

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