sexta-feira, 25 de julho de 2014

Perfil - Julie Becker

Known also for her former part-time gig as an alt model, today, when Julie Becker isn't tattooing her loyal clientele - either from Eastside Ink or Graceland Tattoo in New York - she is painting a large mural inside an Airstream trailer - that she calls Frida Bandida - which she hopes to soon transform into her very own mobile tattoo shop.

It’s not often a tattoo artist will become known for their tattoo work as well as their side-hustle in modelling. Julie Becker’s art portfolio is just as enjoyable to look at as her modeling one.
Julie has released her own’ End of the World’ 2012 Calendar, which you get pick up for just $20.12 here.


 Julie Becker Tattoo Artwork





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