segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

Perfil - Maxwell Alves

Maxwell Alves is  a Brazilian tattoo artist, he’s based in Curitiba and he works at El Cuervo Ink studio. He runs it along with Tyago Compiani. They both are very talented and professional tattoo artist, but they have very different styles. Maxwell has a unique and artistic style, with clean outlines but also watercolour inspiration. He draws these graphic figures or symbols and then splatters them with colours, just as if they were paint thrown at the tattoo. We absolutely love this “new” tattoo style, it’s really innovative and it gives the tattoo that sketchy look that is very popular at the moment. Maxwell Alves obviously knows how to master this technique; he particularly loves symbols, animals and the contrast of black and red.


El Cuervo Ink


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