sábado, 5 de julho de 2014

Tattoo & Ink Model - Sara Fabel

Sara Fabel (born October 17, 1986) is a Finnish Born artist and model. Originating in Espoo and spending her late teenage years in Helsinki Finland, at the age of 18, Sara started travelling around the world on her own.  She has often been mistaken as an Australian due her years in  Brisbane and Melbourne as her homebase between travels.
Ms. Fabel has appeared in dozens of magazines and photoshoots, as well as music videos. She also models for many companies around the world; majority being casual street wear labels such as Rebel 8, Hype, amongst many others.

Sara Fabel’s look is highly recognized and duplicated through other artists, amateur fan art, street art and tattooing. Often spotted through applications such as Instagram, users tag #sarafabel, so that others can browse fan art and re-blogged material. Art inspired by her looks have been shown in multiple galleries, latest being Kevin Llewellyn’s works is displayed in the Kat Von D’s Los Angeles “Wonderland” art gallery.

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