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Florence Tattoo Convention 2014
The Florence Tattoo Convention invades for the seventh consecutive year, the Fortezza da Basso of Florence. The 7th, 8th and 9th November 2014 more than 300 world-renowned tattoo artists will meet as usual in the large lower floor Spadolini.

The association Firenze Indelebile is pleased to present the best of the international scene in the world of tattooing and body piercing. The echo of growing success of the event has allowed us to include in the rose of tattoo artists, famous names from all over the globe.
Is the case to quote the Japanese master Shige of the Yellow Blaze Tattoo Studio, Nicco Hurtado of Black Anchor Collective, California, Yomico Moreno from Venezuela, as well as Maximo Lutz, Tommy Lompad, Roman Sunico, Juan Gonzalez, Jon Mesa, Jason Butcher, Chriss Crooks and Laura Juan.

There will also be great Italian artists among which Alex De Pase, Billi Murran, Marco Galdo, Stizzo, Genziana and Vlady. Spotlight on tattoo masters who carry on using old traditional instruments. In order to focus the attention on the original tribal cultures, special platforms will be set up to enhance their wealthy work.

Recall Colin Dale, who engages the ancient Inuit Scandinavian technique , Masaharu kedowaky (Tenkiryu) of Horiyoshi Family and Ryugen, two of the greatest exponents of Irezumi, Ouka of the Rat-Skill tattoo and Lupo Horiokami masters of Tebori, Pili Mo’o, Brent McCown and Sulu’ape representatives of the Maori and Polynesian style and Samuel and Sanya Olman directly from Chiapas.

In addition, tattoo artists and the audience will learn how to build a true American sketch book, attending the Bill Loika from the famous Peter Tattoo studio seminar. Anthropologist Lars Krutak is going to come back. Otherwise known as Tattoo Hunter on Discovery Channel and Dmax, he will illustrate the spiritual and magic meaning of the indian Naga tribes tattoos.

The Florence Tattoo Convention has always stood for fine selection of artistic collectives which join and outside at the same time from the world of tattoos. This year, a veritable hotbed of artists will crowd the large exhibition area to bring to the fore the work of tattoo artists that are going to measured themselves: in the Contestarte on the theme of Medusa conceived by Andrea Pallocchini, in the project Overlap by Fabio Gargiulo, in which the shape of a human body has been broken down into five parts, painted by different artists, then assembled and edited, in B-ink collective conceived by Andrea Lanzi, that claims in a bold way that there must be an identification of the tattoo as a work of art, in Alter Ego by Elena and Carlo Di Legge in which the artists expand its “being” through the creative act, in Skateboarding is a crime by Gallo and Raffa that evoke the world of the underground skate of the 80′ painting the cover of a 45Lp. Great expectations for the exceptional site specific of the renowned Michael Hussar who will create live intense realistic portraits and for Matt Gone spearhead of this kind of event, which boasts a 98% tattooed body. There will also be performances introduced by the eclettic Leela Huma: Sana xxx, outstanding performer of contemporary Butoh dance originated in Japan in the 50s, the show of body modification by Alexandre Fuser and the interviews of the top Makani Terror for Sullen TV Finally, every evening concerts, Good old boys, Marco Di Maggio and rockabilly style bands moreover typical Tuscan cuisine will be the backdrop of the event that every year opens its doors to more than 12,000 spectators.

SHOW HOURSFriday 3 pm- 2 am
Saturday 12 pm- 2 am
Sunday 12 am – 2 am

Fortezza Da Basso‎
Viale Filippo Strozzi, 1
50129 Florence,

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