domingo, 16 de novembro de 2014

Tattoo & Ink Model - Carrie Jo

I’m Carrie Jo; I’m a freelance model with a BA in Women’s Studies. My husband and I run a bespoke tailoring business in DC. I have an extensive art background, and took ballet for 11 years.
    Most of my tattoo work was done by Rhiannon August who was working at Rick’s Tattoos in Arlington, VA. Susan Doyle has also done some of my tattoo work, and she works at Jinx Proof in Washington, DC.
 I started modeling a little over a year ago, and I’ve been modeling obsessively ever since. It’s my goal to be as expressive and creative as possible to help create passionate and dynamic images. Being without agency representation, I have relied extensively on my skills as a business owner to make my career successful. I’ve been nationally and internationally published and I have two magazine covers under my belt.

    The resourcefulness required for a career in modeling has helped me grow, and I learn something new every time I shoot. Posing, expression, styling, and makeup are all important factors when organizing a successful photo shoot. I love being able to use all of my skills in those areas to create a visually interesting composition.






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