domingo, 16 de novembro de 2014

Pimpmytattoo Roadshow 2014 t.v. series is presenting its charity tour taking place in the heavily concentrated small Oil towns starved for some ink and entertainment. It’s a charity in the sense that the intentions of the organizer to rent from charity halls big enough to house 20-40 artists and keep it real and a manageable size so the attending artist can easily make money with not much for competition as there is at big shows with 300 artists sometimes to capitalize on clients availability and ability to make appointments or compete in the roundtable competitions and tattoo contests with games available to win tattoo sessions all weekend. Some stops will last up to 5 days if the work load is plentiful. Artists that freehand or do custom tattooing welcome. Only 20 artist capacity at the first confirmed stop of the tour in Pecos TX. a thriving small oil town where the original Rodeo was alleged to have started late last century and we intend on starting a new tradition in a arena of its own The “Round Table Competitions” Where artists and clients draw for random seats at a 6 chair table to switch places and collaborate freehand tattooing for a number of hours paid by each client with the artist making a big portion of the cash for competing in the contest.. No one goes away with out compensation. $200 hour to the clients so there’s no telling who will collaborate with each other until the names are all drawn and the contestants are all in.. $20 a day or $40 weekend pass free parking and artists should try to reserve a room fast they are very limited on short notice however we recommend you travel in groups and use a r.v. with facilities and beds. There is ample parking for vendors and clients..

David’s Riverside Ballroom
1301 W 3rd St Pecos,
Pecos, TX 79772
United States

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