segunda-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2014

Perfil - Juan Salgado

Award-winning artist Juan Salgado studied Paint, Sculpture, and Computer Arts at university. He never finished. But, the combined lessons have proved invaluable in his decade of tattooing. He's based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Juan Salgado's interest in tattooing also started at a young age. As a child he was most recognized for drawing his skin with markers. With his first tattoo at seventeen, Juan stated to get an early taste of what was to come. He stated to explore the medium in 2002 but never had any intents of pursuing the medium fulltime or even becoming a tattoo artist. Taught by an old childhood friend who had recently reentered his life, it seemed that destiny had played its hand again. "From that moment on, I felt the medium chose me." After a brief stint tattooing in from his home, he quickly found work when a local tattoo shop heard of his work. His professional career started soon after. 




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