domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

American Canvas S01E01-E03 720p HDTV x264-YesTV

Travel across the country with host Dave Holmes as American Canvas seeks out the nation’s hottest art and cultural events.From downtown galleries to creative hangouts, American Canvas visits a new town each week. Music, dance, food, architecture, theater, and more, American Canvas gives viewers a closer look at the wide variety of traditional and non-traditional arts found across our great nation.

Episode 01  — “San Francisco”
Host Dave Holmes visits San Francisco to show us the artistic side of The City by the Bay, including the acrobatic dance troupe Bandaloop, a journey back to the Beat Generation, and an exhibit inside Alcatraz by artist Ai Weiwei.

Episode 02  — “Austin”
Dave Holmes takes a trip to the eclectic and eccentric city of Austin, Texas where he visits the hip music and comedy festival Fun Fun Fun, gets knocked around in roller derby, and tailgates like a real Texan.

Episode 03  — “Miami”
Dave Holmes takes a trip to Miami, Florida and discovers how it’s becoming one of the most interesting and innovative artistic city’s in America, going inside Art Basel, a photography tour of Wynwood and a culinary trek through Little Havana.

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