domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

Fundamentals of Drawing from Life (Volume 1) - Michael and Jason Occhipinti

Fundamentals of Drawing from Life (Volume 1)
 Publisher: Worldwide Global Unlimited
Michael and Jason Occhipinti
ISBN: 0615607829
102 pages
317.32 MB

Everything you need to get started drawing from life. The book starts with philosophical ideas, progresses to the actual principles that work, and continues on with exercises to help you hone your skills. If youΓÇÖve never attempted a serious drawing, this book will guide you. If youΓÇÖre already an artist, this book will help you renew your focus. Visual art is a visual language. This book is designed to give you the tools to get you speaking the language with competence as efficiently as possible. It is a complete guide for the beginner as well as a way to shore up the fundamentals for the established artist.

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