sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Colin Dale - Roots

In a world where tattoo artists always try to push the trade to new grounds, Colin Dale takes a few steps back to find the roots of tattooing. Check out his amazing art here: skinandbone.dk/.

The idea to this film had been growing in my head for over two years before I actually started. I traveled up to Trollhättan in Sweden for their Tattoo Meltdown and got my first shots of Colin. Then planned a five day stay in Copenhagen for the studio shots and interview. And later that summer traveled to Borre in Norway for the final shots of him as a viking.
But when in Copenhagen the worst thing happened, my Compact flash card broke, and on the last day of filming! Yes, I should have used different cards, or do backup every night, but it happened. Over 350 clips, 40 GB of film, is locked inside my compact flash card. I tried several different recovery software, both program for free and paid ones. At best I managed to get still images from my video clips.

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