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Perfil - Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan has been tattooing for eleven years. Taught in the classic traditional American style of Bold outline, Strong Shading, and Solid fields of color. His integration of American folklore, Metaphysical Psychedelia, Occult symbolism, Sacred Geometry and The Hindu Pantheon have made his tattoos stand out and his paintings highly sought after. His background in music extends even further working with many early Jersey psych & noise projects. He may be best known for his tenure with New Jersey heavy weights Lord Sterling in which he appears on four albums and one off compilations All in which gained strong critical appeal yet remained in shadows of mystery and obscurity.. He is currently a member of The Harmonize Most High sound collective which will be releasing thier debut album in early 2008 on the Portuguese advant garde imprint Ruby Red Editora. He is also perpetually working on his solo project under the moniker of American Cloud Songs. Mr. Ryan is part owner of Electric Tattoo, One of New Jersey's finest tattoo shops well known for being one of the last known tattoo establishments to feature all hand painted designs adorning their walls. His work has appeared in many shows and academic exhibitions as well as being featured in numerous publications.

Robert Ryan works @ Electric Tattoo
314 Main St. Bradley Beach NJ 07720
p: 732- 988-8882
email: RobertRyan23@gmail.com

Electric Tattoo from Adam Worth on Vimeo.

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