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Perfil - João Bosco

João Bosco was born in the city of Manaus, Amazon , north Brazil. From a very young age he was inspired to become a comic illustrator. During his teens he played Bass guitar in several local Heavy Metal bands. In his early twenties he began university studying accountancy, and continued to play with his bands on the side. It was through the music and working with musicians that he got introduced to the local tattoo scene, where all of the musicians were regular customers.

His drawings were seen by the local tattoo artists, and was encouraged by them to consider the craft. After feeling inspired he began to practice tattooing from home on friends. It was then that he knew becoming a tattoo artist was his calling. He decided to leave his accountancy career behind, although, he completed the course leaving with a degree.

João wanted to learn the trade and skill of a tattoo artist overseas, rather than his home town of Brazil. He chose the city of London as his home, where he arrived on 1st October 2006. Joao has travelled to various countries including US, Russia, Australia and Japan either tattooing, getting tattooed, learning and generally being inspired by the different cultures and artists.

João has been a tattoo artist for almost a decade. Without having a definitive style he has become established from the variety of art work he has created over the years.




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