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Tattoo & Ink Model - Mary-Leigh Maxwell + Interview

Mary-Leigh Maxwell aka Miss Mary-Leigh - Internationally Published Tattooed Model, Cover Girl, & Spokesmodel.This post is the follow up post to the one we did about ‘ Girls With Tattoos ‘.It was such a success we thought we’d follow up with the original feature image model.

Mary-Leigh Maxwell has really paved the way and been a major contribution and influence in the world of tattooed models and cover girls.Tattoos by definition are an expression of art, where the body is used as a canvas, and just looking at her portfolio we know each one has some meaning to Miss Mary-Leigh.

Informações de contato

The Tattoo & Ink Team got the chance to interview with Miss Mary-Leigh Maxwell and this is what the Cover Girl, & Spokesmodel had to say:

1.How long have you been in the industry and what’s the job description?

Mary-Leigh Maxwell: I’ve been involved in the tattoo industry since 2008.  Although I had been getting tattooed a few years before then, 2008 was when I started working at a tattoo shop as an assistant/receptionist, and also when I started getting involved with modeling.  Since I started modeling as a “alternative” model I’ve had 9 tattoo magazine covers, most of which were sold internationally.  I think the job description for a tattooed model is pretty self explanatory.

2.How did you get started in this industry?

Mary-Leigh Maxwell: From a young age I remember admiring the pretty girls I would see in tattoo magazines, and I knew I wanted to have a decent amount of tattoos someday.  I’ve always been very artistic, so I think that’s one of the main reasons why I was always interested in tattoos.  Once I started working on my first sleeve and back, I decided to start looking into modeling too.  A lot of photographers were interested in shooting me since I was different from regular models.  Once I did a few professional shoots, I just continued networking, and from there I started getting opportunities for clothing companies and magazines.  When I got my first cover of Tattoo Life magazine in 2009, it was a dream come true!  I’m still extremely greatful for every accomplishment, and the ones still to come.

3.Where can your fans see more of your work / images?

Mary-Leigh Maxwell: I’m working on getting my website set up, but in the mean time the best way to see my work is on facebook.  www.facebook.com/missmaryleigh
Besides that, the number one social media I use is Instagram.  I also occasionally post on tumblr as well.  On both you can find me with the user name missmaryleigh.

4.What kind of guys do you normally go for?

Mary-Leigh Maxwell: Well I have a boyfriend, and his type sums up my taste pretty well!  Heavily tattooed (duh, haha) I guess like most girls I tend to like the “bad boy” look, but they have to treat me like a queen, and have their life together.

5.What’s been the highlight of our career to date?

Mary-Leigh Maxwell: Every tattoo magazine cover I’ve had so far has made me extremely proud.  I’ve also been able to meet a lot of cool people from modeling opportunites, like amazing spoof 80′s rock band Steel Panther!

6.Do you have any sponsor and if so who?

Mary-Leigh Maxwell: There are a few companies I model for, so I suppose they could technically be called sponsors.  H2Ocean tattoo & piercing aftercare company.  Clothing companies; Sourpuss, Sullen, Steadfast Brand, and Heroine.

7.Any last comments to your fans?

Mary-Leigh Maxwell: Just a huge THANK YOU!!!  I am so grateful and thankful for every single one of my fans.  It means a lot to me to get so much support and love for what I love doing.



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