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Tattoo & Ink Model - Shannon Boothby

About me:
I have a lot of tattoos (obviously). I'm half Korean and half Caucasian. I'm a part time freelance model. Yes, my profile says I shoot nudes. No, that doesn't mean I'll shoot nudes with every single Joe Shmoe that contacts me. This also does not mean that I will shoot spread shots or bent over exposed shots. You have to have the right port before I'll even consider shooting nudes with you. I'm goofy. Be prepared to laugh at my ridiculousness. I also talk like a sailor. Finally, 95% of my publication work has been self submitted.

I am available for hourly, half-day, and full day rates. My rates are extremely affordable AND negotiable depending on the statute of the trade. No half price shit or any of that mumbo jumbo, but I am willing to work with you on costs so don't hesitate to ask.

Cancellation Policy:
Within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot 50% of agreed upon amount is due. Anything after that will be 100% of the agreed upon amount.

26 years old
Columbia, South Carolina, US

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