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Tattoo & Ink Model - Megan Renee

Hey My name is Megan Renee, I just turned 21 (yay!) and I was born and raised in southern California. I have always wanted to model ever since I can remember, but it didn’t happen right away. I was really shy growing up. I started get tattooed as soon as I turned 18, and all my tattoos were done by Jason “Jdogg” Kirkpatrick of Lefty’s Tattoo in Orange, CA. I have always had a true passion for art. I most likely be that old lady in the tattoo shop drinking champagne getting tattoos haha. Anyways.. about two years ago my old roommate’s then girlfriend (the amazing Jenna Bela, holla!) asked if she could shoot me cause she liked my look and my tattoos. As soon as I got the photos I was like oh shit! I loved them and I wanted to see where I could go with it. With those photos we took I actually submitted and I got on 13 billboards for a tattoo body art expo in Orange County and Los Angeles. I was pretty shocked and wasn’t expecting that to happen.. but I went with it and I have now fallen in love with modeling and shooting different cool designs Some of my favorite models are Masumi Max, Jesse Pagz, Lady Diamond, and Sabina Kelly. My top photographers are Isaac Madera, Andy Wanderlust, Ray Gutierrez and Corwin Prescott. I have been on magazine covers such as Skin Art, Tattoo Magazine, Deadbeat, Bella Morte, Tetovani Tattoo Art Magazin, Tätowier Magazin and more. I have about 8 covers under my belt now and going strong! You wont see me going anywhere for a long time, I’m here to stay

 Find her at: modelmayhem.comfacebook.comtumblr.com



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