segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2015

Croatian Tattoo Convention 2015
Based on last years conventions success, Zele of Tattoo & Piercing “Zagreb” and “BRM Croatia” proudly present the second, this time international Croatian Tattoo Convention, trade fair of tattooing and related industry which is an unavoidable part of cultural life of every European capitol worth mentioning. Our goal is to once more make a three day gathering for tattoo collectors. For three full days this imposing venue will be filled with renowned local and international tattoo artists, various vendors,colorful tattoo collectors as well as those more “shy” with one or two small tattoos and a few piercings, diverse
performers and entertainers, all together one big circus that welcomes all those curious.
This time we will dedicate ourselves to the task of making the event even bigger, more fun and program filled.
We hope you will support this project by even more numerous attendance, thus enabling us to turn it into a traditional happening growing bigger and more spectacular every year.

Studentski centar u Zagrebu
Savska cesta 25
10000, Zagreb

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