domingo, 31 de maio de 2015

Perfil - Chad Chase

Chad has been practicing the fine art of tattooing and piercing since 1996.
Opening his first studio in 1996 - Forever Ink,  located in Sanford, Maine was a true learning experience.  With some outside help from business and tattoo minds alike the shop was soon a success.
Our latest business; Venom Ink Tattoo started November 2004 in Dover, New Hampshire.  After quickly developing a strong clientele the shop moved to it's new location in Sanford, Maine. The shop is thriving, busy...busy...busy!  With two great daughters and the perfect woman, staying grounded is not a problem.  Venom Ink gains new clientele daily and strives to make each and everyone of them proud to wear our work. Chad specializes in realism, but isn't limited to that by any means. Look at his portfolio and you'll see eveyrthing from bio-organic pieces to portraiture to asian  inspired. Anything is possible. No limitations!


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