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Perfil - Resat Gul

While he was working in various jobs, Reşat wasn’t content with what he was doing. He was looking for ways to express himself as an artist. While he was working as a book salesman, he would watch people tattoo in the streets. He was impressed and he decided to delve deeper into the art. Reşat soon realized that this was a great way to express his emotions. Because he found his greatest inspiration on the streets he named his shop ‘’StreetBodyArt’’.

At that time, the art of tattooing was pretty new to his country. He had difficulties finding someone to apprentice him. For this reason, Reşat defines himself as a ‘self-taught’ tattoo artist. He even did his first tattoo-which of an Indian girl, with his own, hand-made tattoo machine. After three years of working as a self-apprentice, he decided to take it one step further, and started to work as a professional in his own shop. He has been doing it for six years now. With the scarcity of concepts in tattoo art in his country, he knew he should introduce a new point of view. This had an influence on his choice of favorite concept, ‘’realism’’.

Reşat owns couple awards from his country and from another country’s conventions
Reşat uses Micky Sharpz, Laura Paolini, and Dragonfly machines for his colored pieces. His ink choice is Intenze. His famous customers include football players, basketball players and artists of his country. He is thankful to have his wife as the biggest supporter of his journey and he hopes that someday tattoo art will be in its respected place and he will have a part to play in it. His is currently working in Bakırköy-İstanbul.



streetbodyart streetbodyart
ebuziya cad. marmara carsisi no:111
Bakirköy İstanbul
istanbul AL 34131 tr
Phone: +90212 571 18 50

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