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Tattoos: How much does it hurt?

No Pain, No Gain. (Portrait of the artist Jeffrey Lutz) by Sergio Sanchez, oil on linen, 2011. Courtesy of the artist.

One of the most asked questions within the tattoo community or among the curious and skeptics was: “Did it hurt?” or “How much does it hurt?” and any tattooed person would most definitely agree that this question was asked to them hundreds of times already. We presume that you are reading this because you’re wondering, too. :P Well, we’re glad you landed on this page, ’cause here you’ll find the answers to your question…..through a series of fun and hilarious tattoo pain charts! And some insight on the painful areas. What you gotta know though, is that pain threshold really varies from person to person. Painful places could feel different  to others. These pain charts are just general info. Good luck on your first tattoo (if you’re getting one) and to those who already have tattoos, let these charts stimulate your thoughts and sense of humor. However hardcore-heavy-metal-balls-to-the-wall-tough-guy you dress and act like, it’s STILL, at one point or another, going to hurt. :P

This Pain-O-Meter pretty much tells it as it is. 

“Crying out or passing out is not only accepted, it’s expected in the parlor.” —-LOL!!! :)))
This chart is direct to the point.


Remember to compare the charts and ask for second opinion from a tattooed friend or whoever, just to be sure. :) But ultimately, you’ll never know how much it hurts until you’ve had it. Generally, though, the Torso area has the most painful areas to get a tattoo ’cause most of our vital organs are in there. Being friends with a lot of tattooed chaps, I learned that the ribs and stomach area are ultimate torture. Places where a lot of nerve endings are found (like the fingers, spine, foot) and joints like the knees and elbows hurt like hell also.

 “Do not go there.” 


This chart is right about being psychological. You gotta be in good condition before you get a tattoo. If fear of pain is overpowering, you might not be able to sit through it like how a person with a conditioned, mind-over-matter mindset does. It all starts in the mind. So relaaaax. Listen to your tattoo artist’s advice before getting tattooed.

LMAO at the chest-haired duuude :))

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