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Perfil - Gemma Pallat

Gemma Pallat is from a small town near to Brighton, England. She first started tattooing about 10 years ago while studying Illustration and Fine art in college. Mostly a self taught tattooist, she has been lucky to have had some good mentors throughout the years, and to have started when information regarding the industry was available enough to apply her illustration background to the medium.

Since 2009 Gemma has been tattooing as a guest artist at various locations across the world including Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, and frequently travels to seminars & conventions further afield including in the USA and Japan. She strives to constantly reeducate herself towards the current trends and to improve as an artist and tattooist, so she can offer her clients a variety of styles and high standards with custom drawn designs to reflect their ideas.
The styles she specialises in are Realism & portraits, Fantasy, Neo Japanese and Cartoon/graffiti, but her clients bring new and challenging imagery all the time.
Gemma sends a big thank you to all the artists, clients, studio owners and friends that have offered up advice and shown their support over the years, with the passion that the people involved project she can see a really bright future for tattooing as an art form, and an industry

You can also follow Gemma on instagram @gemmapallat

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