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Tattoo & Ink Model - Little Linda

Upon being thrown into the ocean a person has pretty much two viable options: sink or swim! Little Linda did the latter of those two options as she was adopted at only six months old. Definitely a standout kid, she was probably the toughest on the playground, being the first to be picked out of everybody including the boys. From that early age, Linda found a great love for personal accomplishment, and this driving force has paid in full.

At this pace, graduating from high school two years early was a cinch. Being much like the hard-core, female-version of Doogie Howser, Little Linda could have entered college immediately… Lucky for us in the tattoo community, the really awesome parents that adopted her encouraged her to go seek the world before entering school; without the great advice from her parents, she may have been the most tattooed doctor in the ICU.

You can find her published in top-tiered magazines all over the place; over 100 in just 2010 and snatching the covers up time after time in magazines like the world-renowned Ink’d, Savage, and Tattoo. More importantly than being the baddest tattoo model in the industry. . It is how she is being a model that counts. You can expect nothing but strictly business from this young professional.

Aside from that, catch this new-aged Cadillac Jack in the antique scene neck deep. Linda’s second passion is directed towards buying, selling, trading, and collecting some really unique pieces.

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