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Tattoo & Ink Model - Theresa Manchester

Theresa was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, but moved to the East Coast when she turned 21 to pursue a career as a make-up artist.  She somehow got sidetracked with modeling, and it has been her life since.  She did do a bit of modeling in St. Louis, but it was on a smaller scale, and there wasn’t much work.  Theresa met another traveling model, and the idea of booking and touring seemed very appealing to her lifestyle at that time.

Unlike many “alternative” models, Theresa has decided not to label herself as such.  She feels that the label is counterproductive to the diversity that she offers as a model.  “I have range.  I tend to shoot mostly modern/edgy fashion styles, which aren’t always alternative in style…”  Kate Moss is probably Theresa’s all-time favorite model, and she wouldn’t mind being the “tattooed Kate Moss” one day.  She doesn’t have a favorite photographer because she feels that many different people have captured her in so many unique ways.  Lately, she has enjoyed shooting with Kenny Sweeny, Damon Loble, and Marcie Cobbaert.
Theresa’s first tattoo was at the age 16.  She got her Silverchair Neon Ballroom dancers on her lower back, in some guy’s basement.  “They are supposed to be pink, but they are raised…so people think its scarification.  Nope, just a shitty job!”  Her Lisa Frank themed sleeve was done by Amanda Pepper in St. Louis.  It is so bright and colorful; you can’t help but smile when you see it.
Aside from modeling and getting tattooed, Theresa enjoys photography, and tries to shoot her adventures while traveling.  She snaps photos of landscapes and other models she meets.  She also loves to shoe-shop, and is addicted to Jeffery Campbell shoes.  She also has a hidden talent of singing, although she is too shy to really put herself out there.



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