sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2014

Eva Schatz Interview

Artist Feature with Eva Schatz for the upcoming design book Inkarnation: Tattoo & Lifestyle, Filmed & produced by Pixeleye Interactive, for Zeixs Publishing,
"I’m tattooing since March 2007 at Leo’s Naked Trust Tattoo Crew in the wonderful City Centre of Salzburg in Austria, Europe. Before I started tattooing I was into a school for Fashion Design an after this I studied Graphic- & Communication-Design. So I was an art-freak since ever,… or ever and ever. I always had a fable for body-art and the fantastic tattoo-artists around the world, especially Leo, but I always was too shy to ask for an apprenticeship, even though it was my heart-desire! So I worked up all the courage to ask Leo for a change, and he gave me the very best thing in my life…. he gave me his passion for tattooing and all (I hope anytime nearly all) the knowledge of the handling of a tattoo machine, and, and, and…I´m soo thankful to him, that he gave me the chance of my life!!!
And this is my previous way of life – and I´m just in the beginning, but I´m tattoing with all my passion, particularity, lot of love, femaleness, with my hands, ink, needles, a little bit of luck and hopefully brain. Every Tattoo is a custom made, unique Tattoo and I´m trying to put all my energy and my creativity in every special sketch! Yours Eva"

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